Creative Writing

In October 2013, my friend Victoria hosted 31 Days of Writing. There were 31 prompts for creative writing exercises, and so this is the place to find them all assembled. Enjoy!

Day One: I deserve a...

Day Two: My earliest memory

Day Three: Write an ode to an article of clothing

Day Four: Wild Card One

Day Five: The Moviegoer

Day Six: Write an open letter to anyone

Day Seven: Write a poem

Day Eight: Wild Card Two

Day Nine: A First

Day Ten: Writing Projects

Day Eleven: You turn a corner and are surprised to find...

Day Twelve: Write one sentence about one thing you saw today

Day Thirteen: Instagram Image

Day Fourteen: Wild Card Three

Day Fifteen: Develop a character

Day Sixteen: Write a monologue for the character you developed yesterday

Day Seventeen: Write about pulling an all-nighter

Day Eighteen: "My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn't believe..."

Day Nineteen: Writers are first great readers. Share an excellent piece of writing you read recently.

Day Twenty: Daycare Day

Day Twenty-one: Character iTunes Playlist

Day Twenty-two: Wild Card Four

Day Twenty-three: Wild Card Five

Day Twenty-four: Write a poem in 140 characters or less

Day Twenty-five: Bumper Sticker

Day Twenty-six: Create and respond to your own prompt

Day Twenty-seven: Write a Haiku poem

Day Twenty-eight: Pursue an idea

Day Twenty-nine: What's the spookiest thing you've ever done?

Day Thirty: Wild Card Six

Day Thirty-one: The worst Halloween costume you've ever seen

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