Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Eight "Wild Card 2"

Samara and Pandora inspired this wild card prompt. Pandora plays ads that are more appropriate for when I created my account, when I was at school in Kentucky. And Samara said that she wants to visit Kentucky to attend the Derby, so here is my prompt: describe Samara and my future trip to see the horses run.

The plane has left the runway, and we are on our way! Our bags have been properly stowed above and beneath our seats, our seat-belts our fastened low and tight across our hips, and everyone sitting in the exit row is ready to save our lives in the event of an emergency. In just a few hours, we will be landing in the Bluegrass State, and then we are off to the races!

We purchased our tickets months ago, and then went to work on picking out our outfits. Because, hello, it's the Kentucky Derby and you need to have the right outfit.

Anyway, after our plane ride {during which we talked the. entire. time.}, we headed to our hotel to check in. Praise the Lord for Dad's hotel points - upgrade! Score for us.

Since our outfits have been decided for weeks, we are ready rather quickly. Off to the races!

The gate-people are quite nice, as the vast majority of Southerners are. We are directed to our seats, but decide to stop by the bar first. Two mint juleps, please and thank you. That's one for each of us, in case you were wondering.

Aha! An announcement is made- the first race is about to begin. We hurry to our seats, being careful not to spill our over-priced but well-worth-it beverages. Just in time, we make it to our seats, but there is not time for sitting. Races are only properly observed on one's feet.

After cheering for the several "warm up" races, we notice the stands have been filling up rapidly. It's almost Derby time!

Horses are announced and welcomed to the track via loudspeaker. Everyone is already on their feet, cheering as their favorite enters the track. Samara and I have picked different horses, of course- gotta throw some competition into the mix!

All the horses are lined up in their gates and all viewers hold their breath. The gun goes off. There is a mass of horseflesh racing in front of us. I look at Samara. Samara looks at me. In sync we cheer, "Come on, Dover! Move your blooming arse!" We erupt with laughter as the crowd roars. Neither of our favorites has won, but we are at the Kentucky Derby having the time of our lives.

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  1. If this ever really happens, AJ will be there! An you musn't forget a hat. You simply have to have a fancy derby hat!