Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Thoughts

Oh my goodness, thank the Lord that summer is FINALLY here! Whew! It took its sweet time to get here, didn't it? But now that it's here, praise Him!

So I was showing my sis my blog, and I realized that I haven't done anything since the beginning of March! That is not ok! So here are my thoughts about summer and other related [sorta] topics.

Sunshine is the BEST gift [aside from Jesus] from God EVER! Seriously, it provides Vit D, warmth, green grass, tans, smiles on people's faces, and you can roll down your car windows all the time!

School is going well. I'm taking one class this summer, just to catch up. To update you, I did take 23 credits last quarter, so right now I have 55ish credits. Unfortunately, my foreign language, although 3 quarters are needed, only one counts towards my A & H credits. So I'm one class behind, so summer quarter it is. I'm totally fine with it. The teacher rocks, and I'm understanding all the concepts so far.

I'm working at a day camp this summer, and I'm pretty much in love with two of these little campers...OMG they're adorable! One of them is Vaughn, and the other one is JJ. They're both like 5-6, and Vaughn wears these glasses, and his eyes are really blue, and he's very opinionated and vocal!!! JJ is little and he's a sweetheart. He has a little brother that isn't walking yet, and JJ hugs him goodbye every morning. He hurt his knee yesterday, and I held his hand and brought him upstairs and I had hurt my knee also, so we washed our knees and then put bandaids on them together. Before we even went outside, he was lined up, and I was talking with some other kids, and JJ just kinda leaned on me without even realizing it. He is SO cute! I guess I should add these two to my list of kids under the age of 8 that I'm going to marry someday. :)