Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Twenty-three "Wild Card 5"

This is fact, not fiction. I promise.


Check out the article that is warming hearts all over the world.

So in honor of this great news, today's Wild Card is an open letter to Steven Moffat, co-creator and writer of Sherlock {and writer of Doctor Who, of course!}.

Dear, dear Moffat,

First of all, you are a BRILLIANT writer. I don't know how you do it, but somehow your clever little head creates and produces these stories and twists and turns and clues, and it all comes out beautifully. It doesn't matter if we're discussing Doctor Who or Sherlock {not that you're limited to these two; these are just the two with which I'm familiar}. Your work is wonderful.

That being said, you are a cruel man. Characters are created and loved...and then killed. Or separated from the Doctor forever. Or doomed to die if they remember the Doctor. Or left waiting for the Doctor until they die. Or they watch their best friend commit suicide. And then go back to their therapist to try and cope. And then they get to see him alive again, after how many months of agony???

My conclusion must be that you are power-hungry, even if you are a jolly nice Scot. Yes, power-hungry, because you give and take, teasing fans with pictures from Season Three, yet not releasing an air date. Until now. I know that BBC is partially to blame for the wait, as well as busy schedules for practically everyone involved. But still. You are such a tease!

But after all that, I can't hate you, Moffat. You are far too brilliant to be hated. You do eventually deliver your characters, even when your fans think that hell will freeze over before we get to see them again. And I think, secretly, that fans love the suspense because we are all nerds who love "the feels." You are the master of feels, Moffat, and for that, we love you. Thank you for Season Three. I can't wait to see even more of your brilliance. 

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