Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Story, a day early

I may or may not have time to post tomorrow for Funny Friday, so here it is a day early, and if I’m able to post tomorrow, you’ll get two funny stories in a row. How awesome possum is that!!!

So, this funny story happened yesterday. It’s called “the day my sister almost called 911 on me.”

I went for a run, and as I left the house, I called to the two sisters still at home “leave the door unlocked for me, please!” And off I ran. For 40 minutes. Oh yeah.

When I got back, all sweaty and ready for my Wat Bot {in the fridge getting cold-woot!}, guess what. The door was locked. So I went around the house. Both back doors were locked. Blast. Silly sisters I thought…. ok, maybe I thought not-so-nice words…. but this is a  G-rated blog, peeps!

I called my sister. She ignored my call. I know this because it rang twice and then went to voice mail, like she intentionally hit ignore and laughed maliciously at my call. Actually, she was interviewing someone for her newspaper job, so she probably didn't do the malicious laugh part. So then I called my mom. She told me where the spare key was located, and so I was able to get in through the garage.

Now, you should know, readers, that we use our garage as storage, so the garage door is rarely open. Just context, because it will make sense later.

In my "*frustration* at my sister, I left the garage door open. It was my “you locked the door- look at how I had to get in!” signal. Now, I wasn't fuming mad- I’m usually not. I just wanted a conversation starter, ya know?

I was in the laundry room folding towels when my sis came home. I could hear her get out of her car, and then a longer-than-usual silence in between the car door shutting and the front door opening. I heard her open the screen door….pause…unlock the front door….pause…. open the front door…. timidly step in….”Hello?”

“Hello!” I hollered back.

“Why is the garage door open?! I was about to call 911!!!!”

And that, my friends, is how my sister almost called 911 on me, because the garage door was open.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Terrific (and sleep-deprived) Tuesday

Today I attended my first ever real-life legit business meeting. It was awesome! And long….and maybe a tad bit boring, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn't have been a legit business meeting without being at least slightly boring, so there. It was legit.

It was more interesting than boring, so that’s a plus. The downside was, the meeting started at 8am, so I got up to ride into work with my parents. They leave the house at 6:25am. Goodbye, summer break!

But it was totally worth it, and I’m glad I went and got to attend the meeting and learn a bunch of stuff. Yay real life! :)

Tonight my BFF and her brother had a graduation party and it was 1940s-50s themed = so much fun! We all wore cute clothes and did our hair, and ate M&Ms that were invented in the 50s! Not made in the 50s, thanks, just invented. Haha, almost gotcha, didn't I?

All in all, today was fabulous. Thank you, Tuesday, for being kind. And thank you, Wednesday, for letting me sleep in a little in the morning.

Goodnight all!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stupid Monday

So remember like a week or two ago I was like, yay Monday!

Yeah, well, that was dumb.

Today was a hard Monday. It started out alright…. my alarm is a rooster crowing. No, not a real rooster. A rooster alarm on my phone. Sorry to all you legit farm people with real roosters at the real crack of dawn. I fake it. Anyway.

I got up to my fake rooster noise {well, the noise is real-that’s how I wake up. But the rooster is fake…well, the original one… whatever. See what kind of day it’s been!?!?!?! I’m explaining a rooster noise. Gah!} and actually got out of bed. Win. Then I put on my running shoes and hit the track. There was even a nice old man with his dog at the end of my run, and the sun was shining, and it was delightful. And then I even pulled out the weights and did the Monday arm workout from this summer challenge.

Then my grandma called. She wanted me to come earlier than I had planned, which meant that I had time to take a shower and leave. No make-up. No blown-dry hair. You’re lucky if I’m not wearing flip-flops. But I digress.

I left, and played cards with my grandpa for 5 hours. I kid you not. We took a 15 minute walk, sat outside for maybe 10 minutes, and then went to lunch. So maybe cards lasted 4 hours.

I’m trying not to be negative here, because I really am grateful that I have a grandpa to play cards with and go visit and you know, granddaughter stuff. But his Alzheimer’s has progressed and he’s really not my grandpa anymore, and it is emotionally draining to see him like this. The sad thing is, my grandma is with him 99% of the time. I went over to be with him so that she could go out. I can’t imagine how she does it, caring for him like this. They've been married for 59 years- isn't that an incredible legacy I have!? I’m so grateful.

Moving on in the day…

I errands to run, the most important one being that I return clothes to a store. In my rush to be at my grandma’s on time, I forgot the receipt. Grr.

So I went to the bank instead. And got “taught” how to fill out my deposit slip “the correct way.” Thanks, lady. I know I that I look like I’m 12 because my hair looks like crap and I have no make up on with my jeans and t-shirt, but for the love of Pete, I know how to deposit checks! Grrr…

Then I sat in traffic going to pick up my mom. Thankfully, after we passed a random van on the side of the road, the flow of traffic picked up and I was able to get to Mom on time. Then she drove home and I vented :)

So, all in all, it wasn't a bad day. It certainly wasn't Mundane Monday. It was just hard, and now it’s almost over.

On the bright side, my bff’s graduation party is tomorrow, and it’s a 40s/50s themed, and I’m going to wear a cute dress! Now I just need to paint my nails and go to bed. I hope your Monday was better than mine, and that your Tuesday is even better!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Funny Friday

Ok, in light of yesterday’s post about Wat Bot, I want to expound a bit. I drink water… not a whole lot of pop or tea or coffee. Yes, it’s true. I made it through college without drinking coffee.

My family, however, drinks coffee likes it’s going out of style. Seriously. The kitchen counter has an espresso maker and my parents have a French press. Now, I think Mom and Dad are ok with my sisters drinking coffee because it means they know how to operate these contraptions, and can therefore make coffee for my parents. Smart, I know.

But since I don’t drink coffee, I don’t know how to make it. Alas.

So my dad and I were the only ones home the other day, and my dad started to make himself an espresso.
He said, as if checking his facts, so you don’t drink coffee, huh.

No, Dad, it just doesn't flip my wig.

You know, I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 23 {my current age}. He goes on to tell me how he would make coffee for his customers and then he started drinking it just because it was warm and he “acquired” a taste for it.

After finishing this little trip back in time, Dad looks at me and says, so feel free to start any day.

Thanks, Pop, I’ll get right on that.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Story of a Girl and her Wat Bot

Isn't there some song that starts out “this is the story of a girl…” yeah well that came to mind, but it sounded too 80s or 90s or whatever {don’t ask me about it- that’s the only part of the song I know- shout out to AJ who sent me a pin about this…haha!}.


So I’m sitting here at work with ten minutes left till I can go home. What do I do? Blog. Duh. Here’s the post to prove it. But I thought, what do I blog about? Or should I not blog? What do I need to make sure I bring home?

next thought: Wat Bot’s in the fridge! Remember Wat Bot. Must. Remember.

Although I’m sure I've mentioned my Wat Bot before {and everyone who remembers this thinks this girl is craaaazy- you’re right, btw}, I don’t think I've officially told the story of me and my Wat Bot. So here it is.
I’m a water kind of gal. As in, my liquid of choice is water. Probably once every 5 visits to a place of food-for-sale {otherwise known as restaurants} will I order something in addition to water; the rest of the time, aqua only, please.

So I would get a plastic water bottle and try and adopt it for the summer, and it would get thrown away. Or recycled, cuz that’s what we do in this lovely green state. {for those of you who know which state I’m talking about, you’ll understand that I was being punny just then} Or the poor water bottle would get mixed up with my mom’s or my sisters’, or simply abandoned in the fridge. Or, worst of all, it would go through the dishwasher and come out crinkled and yucky. Sad, sad day.

I searched high and low for a water bottle that would remain faithful. But alas. No such luck. I made myself content with rotating plastic water bottles as the need arose.

Then, the angels sang. I worked a Microsoft conference, and at the end of the show, they gave their staff the leftover water bottles! Glory be! This water bottle was solid but lightweight, had a straw, a flippy lid (as in, practically spill-proof), and said “Windows Phone” on the side! What more could a girl ask for in a water bottle?! Well, maybe not the MS ads, but hey, we’ll take what we can get!

So I welcomed this water bottle into my life. It worked another show with me. It flew across the country with me. It went to every class and every work shift with me. It went to my Other Home(s) with me each weekend.

My life was complete. I have a Wat Bot. Twas glorious.

The best thing is, AJ’s kids call it “Wat Bot” too, and they even help me by bringing it to me whenever I set it down. Perfection, I tell you.

Anyway. This is the entirely random and completely true story of Bek and her Wat Bot. Be jealous.

Oh, PS. I told AJ’s chicka that if I worked for MS again, I’d try and bring her back her own Wat Bot. Later, she reminded me of this promise, saying “If you work for Microwave again, you’ll bring me a Wat Bot?”
Yes, dear. If I work for Microwave again, I’ll be sure and bring you a Wat Bot. Cuz I love working for Microwave. Too. Cute. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Confessions of a Pinterest Addict

As I’m sure you know by now, I am just a teensy bit addicted to the wonderful website of Pinterest. It has inspired me to try various recipes and to step outside my crafty comfort zone.

One of my favorite topics to search, though, is the “Prints and Posters” category. It is usually both uplifting and laugh-out-loud funny, and generally cleaner than the “humor” category.

Ok, time to get real.

Do you, fellow Pinners, ever not pin something because it has a swear word in it, even though it is absolutely hysterical? I must confess (hence the title) that I try not to re-pin cuss words, but I still laugh at them and even point my sisters to read them. I guess I just don’t want the negative impressions a curse word brings, so I just show them to my sisters and call it happy.

What do you do?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It’s Tuesday….

…and I have nothing to report.
Oh wait, yes I do.

I ordered my camera! It should be here tomorrow, or at the latest, by the end of this week. Yipee! I’m so excited!

Expect a TON more pictures on here. I was thinking tonight as I looked at the beautiful sunset, soon I will be taking pictures with my fabulous new camera. And that made me happy.

Speaking of pictures, I guess I will show you the mug craft that I did. Note something first: I am not usually crafty, and my handwriting generally sucks. But nonetheless, here is the mug I made for my sis {go class of 2012!}.


It says “carpe momenta” around the top, and then “class of 2012” on the sides. I even wrote “' ‘12” on the handle. It came out of the oven looking really good! Sadly though, it went through the dishwasher and only the black ink is visible now. Sad day. But anyhow. My other craft will be done soon, and I will put a picture {or ten- new camera, remember!?} up as soon as it is. I love it already. Seriously, it just needs one more coat of modge-podge (omg, where have you been my whole life!? JUST found out about this stuff!) and then it’s done. But I have to get it back from my friend’s house…. we were crafting at her house.

Alright. Peace out.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day, family, and Sherlock :)

Before you guys get too excited, just know this: my dad is the best dad in the whole world. There. Fight it out. Bring it. My dad is cooler than your dad. :) There. That’s settled.

My sis came home! It was so great to have allllll my sisters together at the lunch table- first time since Christmas Break! Jeepers creepers, what crazy lives we all must lead. Yeah it’s true. But anyway, it was verrrry good to have my sister home. {This is the sister living with another family for a year while she encounters the Lord in Master’s Commission.} She is hysterical. We were sitting in the car waiting for Mom and Pop at the grocery store, and I didn’t have to say anything. She just talked, and then would laugh at herself, and then I would look at her and laugh, and then she would just keep going. She kept us both amused. I’m a fan.

And now my {other} sister and I are going to watch the final episode of Sherlock. If you have not got on the band wagon with BBC’s brilliant show, get your rear in gear! Dude, it’s the best show, and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are amazing.

And they’re British. As in, they have British accents. As in, I've melted into a puddle on the floor. Thanks very much. Or, as my Brit friends say, “thanks ever so.”

So yeah. I’m pretty sure streaming services has at least the first season. Go. Go now. You’ll be glad.

Friday, June 15, 2012

“The Steady Drumbeat”

 Check out this video from Bound4Life. It talks about the Church’s place in the abortion conversation and how we need to be that steady drumbeat bringing it up and talking about it and not letting it rest. As the description of this video says, “Indifference is no longer an option.”

Check it out.

Posted by Matt Lockett on June 15, 2012
On May 26, 2012 I had the privilege to participate in TheCall Virginia. I’m not sure exactly how many Calls I’ve been to now. I think this was my 10th. During one of the segments of the all-day gathering, I tried to bring some understanding and motivation for continually bringing abortion before the church to look at and address.
The church must take right standing on the issue of abortion. Indifference is no longer an option. Silence is an admission of guilt. Moral relativity is worthless. Charles Finney, the central figure of America’s Second Great Awakening, said that revival would be hindered or prevented if the church failed to take right standing on the issue of slavery. We can continue to theorize about spiritual awakening in this nation, or we can listen to those who experienced it first hand.
We cannot make peace with abortion.
Video here

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Playing catch up today!

Note: pictures on projects are coming soon. The mug is completed, and my friend got her sign done. We’re hopefully going to do mine either tomorrow or sometime next week.

Here’s what has happened in the past 48-ish hours:
  • my friend and I played Hand and Foot, her version… I miss my Other Home’s version, and told her that next time, we’re playing it that style
  • I organized my top dresser drawer so now it looks like I actually live there as opposed to some disorganized person
  • My dad and I sat down and had a talk, and I’m going to start working in his office in the afternoons for the summer. I’m also going to apply for my dream job… more on that to follow.
  • As a graduation present to myself, I’m looking at purchasing a niiiiice camera. Well, it’s nice for an amateur like myself. I’m leaning towards the Nikon D3100, which you can admire right here. PS I’ve found them less expensive than the listed price, don’t you worry!
  • Yesterday, I introduced my sister to Sherlock. In the morning, I said, hey sis, wanna watch a Sherlock episode? And she was all like, sure, I guess I’ll give this show a chance, since you’re crazy about it and also just plain crazy… ok she didn’t say all of that, but it was tonal, you know? I’m just trying to give you a well-rounded picture of our conversation. So we watched it, and she was like that was pretty cool I guess. And then later that night, she was all Hey Bek, what’s that website? Cuz as soon as I’m done studying for this final, we could watch another Sherlock episode!
    She’s hooked. I’m brilliant. Oh yeah, we’re gonna watch the last episode of Season 1 tonight {in case you aren't yet a Sherlock fan, there are only 3 episodes per season. but don’t feel insulted. I never doubted your math skills. I just wanted to make sure you didn't doubt mine.}.
So anyway. That’s what’s up. Peace, yo.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It’s that time…

Time of the day? Time of the week? Of my life?
The time has come for me to stop pinning things on Pinterest and actually do something from that lovely {addicting}, inspiring {addicting}, and fantastical {-ly addicting} website.

Side note: I will try and put in the pictures with a link so you don’t have to guess at what I want to do, and if you don’t want to go to the websites, you don’t have to and you can still be in the loop. I know. You love me. And you love being in the loop. You’re welcome.

Item 1: this mug! You can find the instructions right over here.
Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite book, and also movie. So it’s fitting that today my Mr. Darcy proposal tea mug came in the mail this afternoon. Is it possible to be in love with a cup? Because I think that’s currently happening right now. I bought it from this lovely Jane Austen inspired etsy shop, Brookish. 

Item 2: I want to put this quote {from the fabulous and ever-wise Pooh Bear}

on a mirror like this:

You can find the instructions for the mirror at this very spot.

Item 3: I’m trying to convince my sister to share her button collection so I can make these bobby pins.

Hopefully you can figure out how I’ll be making those… the first step is my sister.

For my “someday”, I want to make the following signs:
welcome to our...home
In This Home Subway/Typography Word Art Sign

                           and finally,
Untitled 1 Fun Kitchen Printables

Oh wait. That wasn’t the last. This is the last.
Wall of words, This is a project I made using a bunch of old wood an pallet wood i had. I cut sanded and then painted it in shades that match my decor. I used the Cricket machine to help with the letters and fonts....then distressed it using sandpaper, Wall of words, Home Decor Project
Ok. That is all. Oh. Wait. I lied. Again. Sigh.
My bestie and I are going with a group to see a movie tonight. Here is the trailllllller
Ok. That’s the real end. Good bye now. :D

Monday, June 11, 2012

Are Mondays Mundane?

Why does no one blog on Mondays? I've literally read 3 new posts today, 2 of them from sisters, and one because I think it was her son’s birthday. This is not ok.

So, here I am, saving the day {in my head}, blogging on a Monday. Out to prove that no, Mondays aren't mundane. They’re just Monday, so they have a bad rep. Well, here’s what I did this Monday.

  1. Hung out with my sis. She didn't have to go to school until noon {yay, finals week!} so she made m&m pancakes for breakfast. Do I have the best sister? Yes I do.
  2. went for a run. I downloaded this free running app, and it plays music from my files while I run. Hello?! How awesome! It’s a “learn to run” thing {at first I thought it would teach me- it’s like walking, only faster and more painful} so for Day 1 it was 3 minutes of running alternated with 3 minutes of walking, for about 25 minutes. Running for an hour, here I come! At least, that’s what the app promises.
  3. texted with some of my bestest friends who live in my Other Home. One of my bestest friends got the Captain American shirt {you can be jealous right here} and I’m definitely getting one to match, as soon as I go to the mall. Tomorrow.
  4. bought new body wash! woot! Don’t you love a good-smelling body wash? It’s so much better than bar soap. Ugh. Don’t even get me started. Ooh, and I bought new razor blades. So I can smell good AND you can see my skin instead of my leg hair. awkward.
  5. watched Titanic with my mumsie and sis. Well, we changed the channel on the “grown up” *ahem* parts. Yucko. But I’m pretty sure my sister and I said “how sad” about a gazillion times.
  6. On that Titanic note, my sis was unfamiliar with “My Heart Will Go On” so I am going to show her a video of the regular song, and then this lovely {ok, hysterical} video. If you have not seen it before, pause, run to the restroom {just in case!} and then grab some tissue, because you are going to be ROFL and sobbing your eyes out and hopefully we can prevent the wet-your-pants-because-you-laughed-so-hard bit. Anyway. Here is what I’m going to show her. Enjoy!

What did you do this Monday, friends?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

in my head, this sounds like that dog from “Up”

In my head, I thought “ok, you readers!” and then that dog-voice from “Up” came into my head and said “stop, you dogs!” and then I lost all semblance of an intelligent post.


Well, let’s try and regain some sense of dignity. I've been back home for a week; it is high time I have some summer goals. Ready? Go.

Goal #1. Learn to play the dulcimer. Oh yeah! It’s official-well, actually, it’s officially public. That secret project I was working on last semester? It was a dulcimer, a surprise for mi padre. And it is finished and home and beautiful. Dad loves it, and he’s so proud. At our family party yesterday, he kept showing it off and telling people the stories {that I told him} of how I made different parts. It warmed my heart to see him so excited over it, just like I knew he would be. And now I have to learn to play that bad boy!

Goal # 2. Make a college scrapbook. I've got little mementos in my room; now it is time to consolidate them and make a book of my journey. It shouldn't take too long, and it will be fun! Hopefully…

Goal #3. Finish The Hunchback of Notre Dame. If I’m going to be in the Paris airport in September {and I am!!!!!} then I better freaking have read the book! Only 250 more pages!

That’s all I've got for now… Any ideas or suggestions? I will take book ideas, always. There are always more books to be read :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Funny Friday

I’m pretty sure that a while ago, I committed to making Fridays the day a funny story would be shared. And I’m pretty sure that happened like once. As in, the day I committed to it. Fail.

The good news is, there will always be another Friday! Win!
The bad news is, this chick can’t always think of funny stories on demand. Fail.

The good news is, this chick has funny friends to quote. Win!
So, since you all know of my Downton Abbey obsession love, allow me to relay the following conversation (taken from Facebook, so it’s totes accurate).
scenario: Beks tells E about Downton Abbey. E watches first episode, gets hooked. Tells Beks about it. Tells Beks she thinks about Downton Abbey while doing schoolwork.

E: yeah I catch myself thinking about it at odd times while I'm doing school, "If P is the midpoint of TF, then PF = omg what's that creeper Thomas up too!?!"

B: you are hysterical!!! i almost wish i had school to do so i could be distracted like that, lol.

E: Yeah if I go to a test or anything I'll remember the answer cause of the show lol

B: *responds by posting picture*

E: Bahahaha this is awesome!! We should go into business and make a Downton Abbey math book :P

B: bahahahaha we'd be rich!

E: We could call it "Learning with Downton" or "How to avoid creepers like Thomas and other math problems" hahaha idk got any ideas?

B: hahahahahaha i love your second idea! or how about Doing Arithmetic with Downton Abbey... they could use the same font and everything

And that, my friends, is an actual conversation (or two) that took place on our favorite website. It’s true. If you don’t believe me, figure out who I’m talking to and read the conversation for yourself. Or beat us to the punch and go write a math book according to Downton Abbey… whatevs.
hope this was funny enough for Friday

Thursday, June 7, 2012

scattered, grateful thoughts

Today, I am grateful for my grandpa. it is his 92nd birthday today; how many girls can say their grandpa is 92 and still nice? I can. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and other health issues, and he’s not the grandpa I grew up with, but he does have his moments when he is quite funny and smiling and not in pain, and I cherish those moments. I hope that tonight he had a few such moments as we celebrated him.

Today, I’m also grateful for Downton Abbey. Helllo, where have I been? College? Oh yeah. Anywho. I’m done now, and completely hooked on this lovely British show. Augh! When does Season 3 come out, anyone? I’m almost done with 2, so there better be something to look forward to, and pronto!

Today, I’m grateful to be unpacked {mostly} and live in a semi-clean room. It will be even cleaner tomorrow, I promise, Mom!

I’m grateful to celebrate my sister’s high school graduation tomorrow. Yay! I’m grateful that I can be here for it, and that she’s done so well. Congrats, Lenny!

I’m grateful that 2 of my sisters and I all have a similar shoe size so we can share amongst ourselves. It is hysterical seeing me attempt to walk in my sis’s heels, but hey, that’s what the runway/hallway is for, right? Laughing at ourselves? We is hottttt…

moving right along

I’m grateful for friends to hang out with {3 yesterday, 1 today}, especially on my first week back. It can be a wee bit lonely at times, mainly because my sisters are still in school, but I know that this summer is going to be awesome and wonderful and my friends are fabulous.

I’m grateful for a new mattress to sleep on {thanks, Dad!} and for my foam pillow. And of course for my baby, Sylvester. I’m sure you all remember Sylvester the Looney Toon cat… see below

Well, when I was a young lass, my parents got my a pillow in the shape of his head {yeah, don’t know exactly what was going on there… my youngest sis got Taz…. she had to put her head on the black abyss that was his open mouth…. weeeeeeiiiiirrdddd}. And I've had that pillow since they gave it to me. Oh, I should say I've been sleeping on/with that pillow…. as in, more than a decade ago. Now, most normal people change pillows every couple years, I guess, and it’s not like he was my only pillow, so I feel slightly justified in that, but basically, he’s in another pillowcase so all his stuffing stays together, and I don’t so much sleep on him as I do with him in my arms….. my mom keeps threatening to burn him, but I won’t let her.
Anyways, I’m grateful that I have a Sylvester to sleep with. Goodnight, y’all!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bucket List

So this is kinda out of the blue, but hey, this is what I’ve been contemplating recently. My bucket list. And more importantly, what has been crossed off my bucket list. Don’t you guys love a good story? A good story with a  purpose?! Come on. Shut the front door. Here’s the story.

It was my last night in my Other Home, and we were leaving a dear friend and her kids, and I was trying not to cry, and the kids were crying as they got into their car seat (it was after 10pm, so tears are almost implied) and my pal was like, hey, you can ride home with me instead of waiting for the kids. So I was like, sure. So we got into his car and headed home.

It was a warm night, so the windows were rolled down. My pal had just been at a dance, so he was all spiffed up {vest, hat, the works}. As we’re driving along home, we hear music. Swinging music. I was like, hey, you’re all dressed for this kind of music. Let’s see if we can stop and dance! I’m thinking, anything to stop thinking about leaving! So we stop, and lo and behold, a wedding reception is happening! Live band and everything! My pal is like, wanna go? And I was like, crash a wedding? Sure!

So we go up there, and let me set the stage, readers. I’m in jean shorts, flip flops, and a sweater. My pal is, as mentioned, all spiffed up. The wedding reception was fancy- white tents, twinkle lights around the trees, and the people are niiiiice. So my pal and I just stand there for a bit, appreciating the dancing “skills” of the people already there *wink wink* Finally, my pal is like, let’s go dance. So we go up onto the dance area and start to boogie like we know what we’re doing and like we totally belong. It was awesome. I had my eyes one direction to watch the bride {if she came too close, we were gonna book it!} and my pal was looking the other direction watching the other dancers. After a couple minutes, he’s like, ok, we’re getting too many funny looks. Let’s go. So we left. And we laughed the whole way to the car. It. Was. Epic.

So yes, friends, I’ve crashed a wedding…reception. But still. Been there, done that. Hehehehehe

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

home again

 Well, it’s true. I’m home. And it is wonderful to be back. Even my dog missed me, which is saying a lot because she’s not actually my dog, and I really didn't think to miss her! Ha. Good ol’ faithful pooch.

Before I left my other home, I wanted to buy a shirt, a sort of in memorium if you will. Well, I found that said what I wanted it to say, but didn't fit properly. It said “[this place] has my heart.” I thought it was true before I left… now that I've left, I know it’s true. My other home feels like home. I know, I’m getting all sentimental, and I know that there are no rules about having two (or more) homes, so just let me get it out and hopefully it will all be better. Also, remember that I’m jet-lagged, stuck home alone, and haven’t seen anyone besides my family and my BFF.

Anywho. Home, I’m glad to be here. Other Home, I’ll be back soon.