Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I officially hate goodbyes, and I love see you laters

 tonight’s title kinda speaks for itself.

my great friend threw me a going-away party tonight, and it was lots of fun. just a bunch of us peeps hanging out, swimming, talking, eating, laughing, drinking, playing guitar. it was grand. but it was bittersweet for me, because it means, obviously, that I’m leaving. thankfully it was a fun time because I’ll see most people again
on Sunday before I actually fly away, but there were still some tears to blink back.

so, in order to stay positive, I’m going to make a list of all the exciting things that are going to happen at home! here goes… forgive me if it’s short- it is rather late.
1. seeing my family!!!!
2. seeing my bestie!!!!!! <3
3. watching several of my friends and my baby sister graduate
4. seeing my dog again
5. NOT having to deal with humidity- praise Jesus
6. worshipping with my church family
7. living close to the mall
8. sleeping on a new mattress!
9. seeing the ocean again….insert sigh of happiness here
10. driving on the freeway… thinking that traffic is going to be a negative, but it is still something I’ve kinda missed out here… just saying

alright, that’s all for now. there are lots more that I will eventually think of, but since it is after 1am, this is it. goodnight!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

good chats

I love my best friend. She is just plain wonderful. We basically were communicating all day today, and it was delightful. Golly I miss her! But I’ll get to see her, all done with her finals, in a mere 12 days! Wahoo!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Funny Friday

I may try and make this permanent. Well, as permanent as blogging gets. We’ll see.

Anywho. You HAVE to check out this website found RIGHT HERE! It’s hysterical… and the guys are pretty cute too…. don’t be worried. It’s clean. Just check it out. it’s great.

Also funny: today some of my favorite kids came over, and the 2 year old was running around yelling “Bekah! Come get me!” all because I chased her for like 2 seconds. It was adorable. Her curls… gah. I love her curls. Her mom had put her hair in 2 pigtails on top of her head, and then they had come out, so her hair was curly and still kinda molded into clumps on top, but kinda falling out. It was totes presh.

Side note: I’m reading Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and I think it’s lovely. I’m only 100 pages into it so far, but still. Sigh of contentedness right here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

a bunch of random yumminess

idk what’s up with me sticking “yumminess” in this title. it just worked, ok?

so last post you got a glimpse of the craziness that was my life for like 2 weeks. whew! and this week….drumroll, please… I’m dog sitting. bam. stick in the mud right there. it’s actually kinda nice, though. I get to sit peacefully at home and sometimes throw a rope for a dog, sometimes take him outside to do his business, and other times just ignore him. ah, bliss.

ps for realz, I don’t ignore the dog. that would make me a bad dog sitter and that’s not me. I talk to him all the time. as in, please stop barking, or why don’t you go sit in the corner? or can you please stop barking? or want some dinner? or please please please stop barking!

you know. normal dog conversation.

um big news! my friend had her baby!!!!! he is so cute and precious and he scrunches up his face and looks like his big brother and when he’s sleeping and all you can see is his pudgy face he looks like his sister. and I have yet to see his eyes in person, but I've seen pictures, so I know they are there.

the cool thing is, my friend texted me like 30 minutes after, and I got to go to the hospital at 1am and see him and he hadn't even been cleaned off. he was just chilling like a villain, nursing away, and he was so there and so new and so perfect. it gave me chills.

yesterday {during the day time} I got to go see him again, and it was just him and mom and me for a while, and I just held him and it was amazing. I left the hospital feeling so humbled. crazy how such a little person has such power, eh?

the fam is heading home from the hospital today, so that’s awesome. the best part about him coming is that his expected due date wasn't for another week, so I get to spend an extra week with him! this makes me super happy, although I expect it will make leaving even more hard. but I’m not going to think about that- I’m just going to enjoy every second I have with this squishy-faced baby. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

jeepers creepers, y’all

there’s a song that says the beginning is the very best place to start, so here goes.

Thursday, May 3rd: I take my last final, pack up my room, do some laundry, and leave campus. The goal is to surprise my family at the airport. Flight is supposed to land at 5. Some friends and I go see other friends in “Fiddler on the Roof".” Very fun. Spent the night with AJ.

Friday: hang out with AJ and kids, friend picks me up at 4:30 so we can go to the airport and meet my family coming in at 5…which then gets changed to 6.
Friend and I pick up other friend. find out family’s flight is indefinitely delayed. Friends and I go meet other friends for movie, after confessing to Dad that I’m meeting them at the airport.

During movie, sister texts me and tells me the plane broke down and they are waiting for first a replacement plane and then a crew. Movie ends; dad texts that they are finally on a plane. friends and I go to Liquor Barn.

Friends and I leave. I’m dying to see fam. Friends {guys} want food first. Grr.

Dad texts: they've landed! I tell friends to drive like whoa to the airport, NOW.

We get there: there are hugs all around. Friends leave, and my fam and I head for hotel.

Saturday: packing! It only takes a couple hours to pack everything, which is great. Mom and Dad take a load to my new host home, and I show sisters around the campus.

3:00pm- graduation rehearsal. Wait in gym….walk down to other gym…walk into gym…stand and wait for other graduates to walk in…joke about not wearing heels…finally sit down… listen to staff talk about how the ceremony will go….random cheers because we graduate TOMORROW. get dismissed. find family. leave for church-town.

6:30pm- graduation party! everyone from the church comes and meets my family and we grill food and laugh and talk and take pictures and hold babies and have general happiness.

9:30pm- post-party game of quelf. if you have not played this game, then shut your computer and go get a life because you need to play this game. end of story. it was amazing. andddd best part is my sisters got addicted so I’m expecting this game when I arrive home {hint hint}.


Fam goes to church, gets introduced, then we split like a banana and head back to campus so I can be lined up in time. BARELY make it, and then there are pictures and gasps and shrieks and general freaking out hysterics. We’re about to graduate, ok. it was scary awesome. then all of a sudden we’re walking. past the faculty who are cheering us and waving at us. down the stairs, carefully not falling. pausing before the door, realizing that we’re entering the room as students and going to exit the room as graduates. slowly entering, letting each couple of students get “stoled” by staff and then walking down the long aisle waving at family and smiling hugely. finding my seat and being glad my sis let me use her flat sandals. standing and cheering for others as they enter. being very grateful when the college president finally stands and motions for us to sit.
the long and the short of it is this: I graduated. the fun part is, I got Magna Cum Laude {3.750-3.899}!!!! I was scared that I wouldn't get it, but hoorah! this semester’s labor paid off.

graduation was a long ceremony, but my grandparents and BFF got to watch the important parts, and my fam and I had to suffer through the rest… jk. there were just a LOT of B.A.s to bestow. Anywho, there were tons of pictures and introductions and laughs afterwards, and then my fam and I went to dinner. it was lovely. and then back to the hotel for sleep!

Monday, we packed up the rest of everything and headed to church-town. my fam dropped me off and said goodbye {yes, I cried a little- can’t help it}. then I hung with AJ again.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were just kinda get used to this no-school thing. there were babysitting adventures galore. It was great. And Thursday afternoon, my sister arrived! this is the sis who couldn't come to graduation because she’s in a leadership school and they’re driving around the country doing ministry stops. Well, they stopped here! I got to hang with them alllllll weekend, and Monday morning had to tearfully say goodbye {yep, I cried again}.

Yesterday was laundry day, with a Mary Kay party in the evening. Oh yeah and then excitement after that, but that will be a separate post.

jeepers creepers. THAT was my life. crazy. everything happened so fast. I was falling asleep yesterday and thinking that the past 10 days have been the most extreme roller coaster of emotions and sleep and everything. I said hello to my family, goodbye to fellow classmates, hello to my sis, hello to my friends, hello to tornado clean up, goodbye to my sister and friends, and in another week-ish I’ll say hello to AJ’s baby. jeepers creepers.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

oops, again

well ladies and gents, this is the second week i have missed, and i promise to make it up over the course of this week. and i am posting via my mobile device, so no capitalization or contractions. yay. but anywho, let us cut to the chase. i graduated!!!!! wahoo!!!

i promise to fill in details over this coming week, so just hang tight!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet Chaos

Never thought I’d say that, but you know what they say: never say never. I guess sometimes chaos can be fun! :)

Why the chaos? I’m packing. Enough said.

Actually, not enough. I’m a good packer {is that even a real phrase??} and usually I can whip things out in a decent amount of time, depending on how much I have to pack. This time is different, though, because a) I’m packing up my dorm room- holy canoli, what a task – and b) I have one suitcase here, and then the fam is bringing more {and they’ll be here in 2 days!!!!}. So yeah. I think I’m as packed as I can be right now… one big suitcase and one carry-on full. Yep.

Anywho. My friend and I are going to the reservoir. Woot! It’s a lovely, 90* day, so why not? 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Holy canoli, Batman! This month is full of goodness! Take a peek:

  • my family arrives in 3 days
  • I graduate in 5 days
  • Master’s Commission groups will be here in 9 days
  • my friend’s baby will be here in 24 days!!!!

All this in the month of May! Woohoo!

Ok, newest obsession: Instagram. Have you tried it? Heard of it? Fell in love with it? Hate its guts with all your might? Tell me what you’re thinking, friends! For my friends on f.acebook, I haven’t figured out how to link my Insta account with f.acebook, and I’m thinking it might have to do with the fact that I took fb off my phone… any ideas?

I finished my paper! So excited! I know it needs a bit of reorganization, but I’m ok with that right now. It will be done. A classmate is going to read it and review it for me, and I will send it in tonight! Then it’s just a final on Thursday and we’re outta here! Praise Jesus!

My friend and I got pedicures on Sunday- so much fun! It was my birthday present to her, and we had a blast! I’m going to try to post a picture… we’ll see how well it goes. Thank God for cameras on phones…
Here’s the Insta pic of my pedi :)

I sold my textbooks yesterday, and I made $44 off of ‘em! Probably not what I paid, but I’m thinking that I got rid of them all in the space of a couple hours and I didn’t have to walk too far and now I don’t have to deal with a pile on my desk… let me rephrase that last part. Now I have to deal with one less pile on my desk :)

Got any special May Day plans? I could have gone dancing around a May pole this morning… at 6:30. Yeah. Note the use of the words “could have gone” instead of “went.”

My roomie and I are going to visit her apartment today! It will be her first time seeing it, so that’s exciting. Wish us luck!