Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Three "An ode to an article of clothing"

Berea College sweatshirt, how do I love thee? Shall I count the ways?

Your acquisition was an adventure a year ago this day:

As the school climbed the Pinnacle to celebrate the "mountains."

I had to answer a question and in return won you into my possession.

Your warmth I embraced after the sun had set,

and even when some girl in the dorm almost stole you from my grasp,

I did not believe that your would be a one-time hug.

Our love is strong, as is your fabric.

Our love is warm, like the fuzziness that covers your interior.

Our love is clean, like how I keep you {by not taking you to Family Camp}.

Our love is deep, like your front pocket.

Our love is secure, like your place in my closet.

Our love is long, like the history of the College.

O, Berea College sweatshirt, how I do love thee!

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  1. Love how you played on Browning :)

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