Friday, October 11, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Eleven "Turn a Corner"

You turn a corner and are surprised to find...

...a blue police box. But then you are not so surprised, because you've always knew it was true.

You look around, searching for the Doctor. Where is he? Is he still inside? Has he just regenerated and is recovering? If the door is locked, it must be a sign to go in. With a deep breath, you push open to door. It opens easily; the Doctor must keep it well-oiled... or traveling through time does that. Whatevs. The door opens, and that is enough.

The door opens all the way, and you tentatively take a step inside, then another step, until you're standing right in the center of the TARDIS. It really is bigger on the inside, and as you turn to admire the grandness of the time machine, suddenly you hear that all-familiar sound. The TARDIS is taking off!

Wait.... who is flying the TARDIS!?!?!?

Frantically you look around for any indication of the Doctor's presence. Then you hear his voice, and you rub your eyes to help clear your vision.

Rubbing your eyes wakes you up. You realize that you've been dreaming, and that a Doctor Who episode has just started on the telly. A wave of disappointment flows over you, but only until you realize that this is not just any Doctor Who episode; this is the 50th anniversary episode! Your TARDIS adventure is just beginning...

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