Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's been a while...

So, my beloved readers, it's been a while. I apologize. I've been having technical difficulties with my computer, and I've been fighting my schoolwork for some time to write. Well, I finally won! :)

Recently the Lord has been speaking to me about training for a spiritual marathon. He told me I've done sprints before, and that's great, but now is the time to go all out and train for the long haul. He's been reminding me to build up my spirit man; I seriously have been praying in tongues for almost an hour every day, broken up into 10 minute chunks. At the bus stop, the Lord will prompt me. Walking to the bus stop. Walking to class. Riding the bus. Before class starts. On my way to work. Waiting for the kids. Exercising. Cleaning my room. Getting ready for school or bed.

It's amazing how many times in the day the Lord will, ever so gently, remind me to pray. It's been so easy! I know it's because I'm not doing it in my own strength; if this was me, it would be impossible. But it's God, and it's great! I don't know why I'm training for this marathon. Well, I hope I know, but I won't find out if my guess is correct for a few more months. But even if the training is for something else, I know that I need it. If God tells you to train, gosh darn it, you better train! So I am.

 He's also been having me declare the Blood Papers over myself and my descendants, and He's been leading me into the Word a lot. Pastor Dennis Cole totally brought Holy Spirit conviction to me last week when he quoted Paul: "Do not neglect the reading of the Word." WHOA!!! You better believe that I stepped up my game. I don't know what this training is for. I really hope it's for the next school year, particularly a school that I've never been to before. But if it's not for that school, or if it's for something completely unrelated, does that make the training any less important?

I've been learning to embrace the process even when I can't see the end. So let me encourage you in this, readers. Take off for your destination, and go all out for it. And enjoy your route.