Hi! I'm Bek, and I'm so glad you're here!

If we were meeting in person, here are some things you would figure out about me pretty quickly:

  • I'm not shy :)
  • Laughter is one of my favorites
  • "Petite" is a polite way to describe my {lack of} height
  • I love people! Old, young, in between, I'm pretty sure we can be friends.
  • Sometimes I talk with a Southern-ish accent...I spent two years in the South for college, and I refer to that place as my Other Home.
  • Most importantly, I love Jesus! Hopefully you'll feel some of that love from these pages.
After meeting, we'd probably go hang out sometime, and this is what else you'd learn:
  • Shyness is still not a word you could use to describe me.
  • I'm passionately pro-life, and am always looking for ways to love people into life.
  • Honesty is important. You're going to get the real me, all the time, every time. Brace yourself! :)
  • Although I'm definitely an extrovert, I also enjoy some activities that my intro-friends appreciate, like reading, crocheting, and, uh, we'll just say reading again, because I really enjoy it and because those are probably the only introverted activities I can handle.
After we hang out, you might come back to this little bloggy and decide to do some creeping reading up on me. You'd notice a few things:
  • My voice comes across pretty clearly.
  • I prefer the Oxford comma.
  • Pictures are sorely lacking {but it's one of my goals to improve!}
  • Topics vary widely, but there are probably a few themes of family, Jesus, life, and laughter. Oh, and BBC shows. My life may or may not be completely ruined by just a few British nerds. Sigh. 
Please comment as much as you like! When you comment, then I can go stalk meet you, and then who knows? Maybe we'll become friends, and what's better than that?!

In case this wasn't too much information a good taste of Bek, here are some old posts that may be fun.
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