Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Five “Movie Theater”

“You’re at the movie theater and it’s the climax of the summer’s big blockbuster hit. And someone is talking on their cell phone. When you go to confront them, you find that it is your boss. What do you say to them?”

oh. my. gosh. Not again. Seriously, the last time I was at the movies, this lady was texting next to me throughout the whooooole movie. And now this guy a couple rows down is yapping it up?

Usually I’m a quiet person. I don’t like confrontation; in fact, I avoid it. But today…today some crazy lady in my head took over and I found myself sliding past my fellow movie-watchers and slinking down the aisle. Watch out, buddy, I thought to myself,  you just opened a can of crazy.

I’m about to let the crazy out of the can and tap the guy on the shoulder when he turns his head just enough to let me see who it is. Oh snap. Against my will, my hand touches Matt’s shoulder. I wish I could cut off my hand, or that I could run out of the theater. Or an earthquake would happen. That would have been great. But no. That would have been too easy.

Mid-sentence, Matt turns to me. His face registers confusion, surprise, and finally recognition. My mind races as I stuff the crazy back into the can and wonder how on earth I can get out of this pickle.

“Hey, Matt, I was just wondering if you had next week’s shift schedule yet.”

Matt whispers “Hang on,” to whoever is partaking in the phone conversation. “Julie, I don’t think this is a good time to talk about that.”

“That’s my point. This is not a good time, or place, rather, to be having a conversation, period.” I smile, pointing at the big screen, and head back to my seat.

When I settle back into watching the movie, I see Matt put his cell phone away.


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