Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Twenty-two "Wild Card 4"

Let's just say that this is definitely the twenty-second day of writing creatively. My brain is beat.

Right now it seems like there are a lot of serious things I can think of, but those things are conducive to writing creatively. Those things are more "think about these more" things than "let your creative juices flow all over them" things.

Here is what I can think of: a confession. This is real and true and also slightly humorous. Here goes.

My best friend had {has?} a fear, dare I call it an irrational fear, ever since 11th grade and Classical Literature class, that one day her Achilles tendon would snap. Gross. And frightening. But mainly gross.

I always just stuck with the gross thought, because I don't like to think about body parts not functioning as they should. {Read about my fainting adventure here} So I would just roll my eyes and encourage my friend to think of lighter, less gross things.

Today I realized my irrational fear. It is this: I'm driving and the car in front of me flicks a cigarette out of their window and a breeze catches the little tiny flame inside the cigarette right as my car drives over it...and my car explodes.

This really is a fear of mine. Every time I see someone throw a cigarette out a car window, I brace myself in what could be the last two seconds of my life. So far it hasn't happened, obviously, but it very well could. And that's what's scary. And that's probably what will make other people roll their eyes and tell me to think of lighter, less explosive things. 

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  1. I LOVE that! LOL Now I'm going to think twice when I see cigarettes flick out of people's windows ;)

    1. Thanks! It really does freak me out sometimes, but I try not to think of it :-p