Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello, friends!

There are several things on my mind, things that have been ruminating as a post or two, but as I sit here at work, scanning til my eyes fall out, I think I'm just going to post them all together. So please forgive the randomness and chaos of this post, but I really need to both get these ideas out of my head and distract myself from the retarded scanner behind me.

So the other day I drove my grandparents to the cemetery. (Told you this was random!) They wanted to see their future "spot," and since we were out and about, they asked me to drive them there. It was very strange at first... I can't imagine wanting to go visit, as they put it, my future spot. But as Grandpa and I sat in the car and looked down the path that divided one section from another, I felt a strange sense of peace and wonder. It wasn't overwhelmingly the Presence of God or the peace of God, but it was a calm that was both honored and at rest, much like the persons in the ground. It's hard to describe, but it was comparable to visiting Arlington National Cemetery, only the awe and reverence was to a lesser degree. I think there's something about knowing that life is finite that inspires awe for those who have gone before us.

Ok, next thought. It's way lighter than the first. My sister teaches swim lessons, and one of her students is autistic. He's always complaining about swimming, although he honestly loves the water and has improved greatly under my sister's instruction. One day she told him they were going to swim across the pool and back. After they had done this several times, the little boy exclaimed, "Dude!!! I'm NOT a mermaid!!!" Hysterical, I know.

Third thought- MY SISTER GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! That's about as far as I've thought.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm going to throw the scanner out the window at this time. Please be advised.