Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Twenty “Daycare Day”

What thoughts run through a baby’s mind through the course of a day at daycare?

Car ride! I like car rides! Car rides put me to sleep sometimes, and they take me fun places…except one place. The Place that has the playground is not my favorite place, and I don’t like it. But as long as we’re not going to The Place, then everything is funner than a pacifier.

Uh oh. There’s the playground. We are at The Place. Mom, no! I protest:


I don’t like The Place! Mommy leaves me and it’s no fun and- is that a cookie?

The Place has cookies!? Yes! A smiling lady is holding out a cookie towards me. I grab it as well as my two-year-old dexterity can, and I shove the cookie into my mouth. Half of it crumbles into my hand, so I stick my hand in my mouth too. Cookies are too rare to waste.

While I’m licking my hand, another kid comes up to me. He looks at me and moves his hand. I wiggle my foot in response. We both head to the blocks; blocks are cool.

After playing with the blocks for a while, I notice the smiling lady is singing and dancing. She motions for me to join in. I twist my wrists and open my mouth to sing:


We sing for a while, and then suddenly I’m exhausted. My hands fall into my lap, and my singing turns into a yawn. I blink a couple of times. The smiling lady notices and moves me to a soft mat with a snuggly blanket. I’m out before my head hits the pillow.

When I wake up, Mom is here! I greet her happiliy:


She picks me up, and we get into the car, heading home. I guess The Place isn’t so bad after all.

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