Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Eighteen "Jaw Dropper"

"My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn't believe..."

...that my mom lied to me.

She told me that my old friend Louisa wanted to get together at Skate King, the roller-blade place in town. What Mom didn't tell me was that ALL my friends from school were gathered there to surprise me for my birthday.

Unsuspectingly, I had walked into Skate King, keeping my eyes open for Lou. No sign of her, but then "SURPRISE!!" erupted in front of me. My friends had come to celebrate, and my mom had kept it a secret.

As my friends and I made laps around the skating rink, I kept pondering all the lies my mother had told me. When I reached the end of the rink where she stood, I asked her, "So what about not having a party this year?"

"I lied," was her satisfied response.

Another lap. Another question.

"What about your dinner party tonight?"

"I lied."

I skated another lap or two.

"So when you said..."

"All lies." My mom grinned.

I guess this was the best deception a girl could wish for her golden birthday.

{This story is loosely based on a sister's experience. Many creative licenses were taken, though.}

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