Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finish This: Week Thirty

Joining {a day late} the awesome link-up hosted by Jen at The Arizona Russums, Nicole at Three 31, Becky at The Java Mama, and Lisa at Coastlined.

I like wearing pajamas around the house. If I'm going to be at home for more than an hour, even if I'm going out again later, I will put on pajamas.
For going out into the land of the living, I like wearing bright colors. I love wearing black with one strong pop of color. Totes fab.

My most memorable style was a Minnie Mouse dress I wore every. single. day. when I was ages 4 and 5. It was hot pink {foreshadowing much?} and had rows of Minnie all over. My mom still has this dress somewhere.

I dress to impress by straightening my hair. Hair makes or breaks the good outfit day, doesn't it? Usually, straightening the hair means it's gonna be a good outfit day.

The best style tip I ever received comes from "What Not To Wear" and my dad says this all the time: "Don't wear jeans unless they make your butt look good." Thank you, Clinton and Dad.

Three wardrobe staples in my closet are a pair of jeans that fit me length-wise, a black shirt {currently loving this one from Target}, and a fabulous scarf. Done.

Three words that describe my style: comfortable, bright, fun.

Thanks for joining! See you next week, home-skillets!

Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Spiders, Sisters, and Craftiness

Linking up with Jen's friend Carolyn for this edition of 7QT - yay, new friends!

1. Biggest and most exciting news first: I finished my Doctor Who scarf yesterday!!!! Woot! A more complete blog post on that is coming soon, don't you worry. This fangirl cannot limit her excitement to one little Take; a full post is definitely required. I mean, I crocheted the full scarf... I owe it to the scarf to write a full post about it. Here, I've already 'grammed it :) And here's a Flashback Friday to when two of my friends and I wrapped the first half around ourselves.

2. Speaking of crafty things, tomorrow night is officially Craft Night. A few friends and I are getting together to make Moscow Mules, do crafty things, talk, laugh, and perhaps watch a movie {if we can remember the three we said we would remember for such a time as this}. My craft is putting ribbons on cookie holders for a friend's wedding - wish me luck. It's going to be a blast, and it has been the happy thought getting me through this week.

3. My happy thought for next week is a person! My good friend Laurie {from the Frozen Tundra} is coming out for a business meetings our fathers have, and she is spending the week at my house! I will try and remember to take some pictures of us together - promise!

4. Alright, deep dark confession time: I don't get Twitter. Conceptually I understand it involves short notes and links and following and tweeting and retweets and favorites and hashtags... but I don't love it or use it frequently. Am I missing a crucial piece of knowledge that makes Twitter cooler than fro yo? Am I doing it wrong? Twitter Jedis, teach me your ways, for I am only a baby Twitter-bird.

5. I get to hang out with my sister Jayna today! She came down for my dad's birthday dinner yesterday, and today we are going to coffee before she has to go back to work. I love spending time with my sister!

6. Just this week, I've killed three spiders. THREE! This. Week.
I don't care if the weather goes from 90* to 20* - spiders need to stay out of my house! Anybody have some good recipes for spider repellent? I'm frantically searching Pinterest as I type, because y'all know me and spiders do not get along.
The plus side of this story is that 2 of the 3 spiders were encountered before I left for work, so I couldn't just yell for Samara to come kill them. So I killed them. And then I killed them again, just for good measure. This picture sums up my life pretty well this week:

7. To end with a Funny Friday, here is Yzma as a Disney Princess:

Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy your weekend :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finish This: Week Twenty-nine

Joining our lovely hostesses once again for Finish This! Check out Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Arizona Russums, Becky at The Java Mama, and Lisa at Coastlined for prompts and the link-up.

I add spice to my life by listening to audio books in the car. Driving places when I don't have specific directions. Painting my toes bright colors. Playing chicken with my snooze button. Cleaning my kitchen after 11pm...actually, make that doing anything after 11pm.

Bacon is the best way to start a Saturday morning brunch. Finish zumba, come home with a chai latte, and make bacon with the bestie. Perfection!

The perfect meal is when the whole family is home and it's something Mom has made. Lasagna or enchiladas are family favorites.

My favorite food to grill is burgers, because meat! Hot dogs should be roasted on a stick over a beach fire, and burgers should be grilled.

I beat the heat by embracing it! Seattle rarely gets hot the way the rest of the country would define hot, so I put on sunscreen and relish the sun. Walking to the waterfront is one of my favorite sunshine activities.

Thanks for joining! See you next week for another round :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life Update

Golly, "life update" sounds so serious and intense, and while that applies to some things, we're not gonna be alllll seriousness. It's a mixed bag up in he-ah, folks.

Since it's Tuesday, let's start with a Doula Adventures update. Bradley class was last night, and it was pretty fantastic. A couple from the last class came in with their 3-month-old and told us their birth story, which is basically my favorite thing since crunchy peanut butter. Then the class focused on stages of labor, which was great because I just read that part of Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel. I love it when different sources talk about the same topic.

Speaking of books, I started listening to Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein. She also wrote Code Name Verity which quickly became one of my favorites. I'm waiting for this one to grab me like the first one did, but we're only on the second disc. I'm sure it's going to get intense here very soon.

Still speaking about books, Jen Hatmaker just released a new one. Interrupted is the prequel of sorts to 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, which I loved, as you might remember from Christmas. Well, Jen gave away 350 copies of her book to bloggers who would agree to review it before August 15th. Guess who got a copy?! This blogger! Guess who will be reading a review very soon?! You will!! Brace for impact, because Jen never fails to pack a wallop in her 200 pages.

Exiting the library now and continuing with the update...

My friend Laurie is coming next week! Actually, a lot of people are coming in town for a conference with my dad, but Laurie is the only one who is going to stay with me. I'm so excited to see her, but my house needs some serious cleaning before I let her in the door. Some weeks are easier than others to stay on top of the housework, and the past few weeks have been of the not-easy kind. Sometimes you just have to go to bed before 8pm #trueconfession

Victoria and I had a phone date last week, talking of all things doula certification and blogging. {Side note: isn't it awesome when you're real-life friends with someone in the blogging world? I'm a fan.} We talked about why and how doulas should be certified, her experience with a friend filling the doula-role, and then we talked about blogging. So much fun!

I started watching "Pushing Daisies" and am already anticipating withdrawals. The first season is great and I watched it in a couple weeks, and now I'm 3 episodes into the second season and am dragging it out as long as I can because this is the end. Isn't that always how it goes? You blow through the first season in excitement and over-eagerness, and then by the last season you don't want it to end. Well, it especially sucks when the entire show is only 2 seasons long.

When you start the first season and realize how wonderful the show is:

When you start the second season and realize that the end is near:

Bee tee dubs, can we pause for one moment and just appreciate the gorgeousness of Lee Pace? Hot dang. That was a good moment. Thank you for participating. 

Well, I don't know if anything can follow up Mr. Pace...nope, nothing comes to mind. Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finish This: Week Twenty-eight

Linking up with these marvelous ladies: Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Arizona Russums, Becky at The Java Mama, and Lisa at Coastlined.

The only thing standing between me and doula certification is $400. Right now I think I can afford it, but I want to wait a little bit longer just to make sure all the medical bills are covered for good and for sure. Thank the Lord for babysitting jobs on the weekends!

I don't have to be perfect to be used by God as a Client Advocate. When clients come into Care Net and I fumble my words or forget to pray with them, God can still use me. When I don't know what to say to a client facing a crisis situation, God can still use me.

I would improve Goodreads by adding a feature for re-reading books. I would love to be able to easily keep track of how many times I've read a certain book, because some {like my summer recommendations} books need to be read more than once! Oh, Goodreads, why don't you understand?

Thanks for reading! If you want to participate, I'm sure you know the drill by now :) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"The Fall"

"We all need a movie that wrecks us emotionally," says my friend via text message yesterday morning. She said this because Sunday night we sat down and watched "The Fall" together.

I cried myself to sleep Sunday night.

Monday, I watched "The Fall" again. Six tissues were sacrificed on Tarsem's alter.

Words are pretty inadequate when it comes to describing this perfect film. I wish I could articulate all the emotions and thoughts that this film evokes, but I am still processing. "The Fall" is both sad and hopeful, painful and beautiful.

The plot is fairly simple; the visuals are simply stunning. Roy {Lee Pace} is an injured stuntman in a hospital who makes friends with Alexandria {Catinca Untaru}, a little girl with a broken arm. They become friends, and he begins telling her an epic; he narrates, and she imagines, and the result is beautiful.

That little outline reveals only a portion of "The Fall"'s depth. It is much more than a story-within-a-story.

There are many amazing details about the making of this film that I could share with you, but that feels like a cheap sell. "The Fall" deserves more than fun facts and trivia; it deserves to be viewed for its own sake.

"The Fall" is breathtakingly perfect. Telling you "just go watch it" is can't just watch this movie. Plan for an evening to experience Tarsem's masterpiece with its magnificence and extravagance. You will love every second. 

NAS: Summer Reading List

Wow, the Not Alone Series didn't keel over?! Nope, it just decided to take summer a bit slower! We've got July's post this week and then a few fantastic ladies are meeting in Georgia together! Just a little bit jealous up here, but since Seattle weather has been in the 90s all week, I will stay here and enjoy the heat without the humidity :)

Share your favorite book recommendations! Beach reads, deep novels, anything! Share share share!

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein
Fiction; published 2012; set in England, 1941
My favorite books tend to rotate, so for this book to come up twice {in case you missed it, it was one I shared with Laura when we interviewed each other} is significant. This book, you guys.... it's really, really well done. This was the first book in a while where I would have chosen reading over socializing...and I'm a 9.5 out of 10 on the {made-up} extrovert scale! It's so gripping. Just read it!
Language warning: this is a war-time story and there is some intense - albeit appropriately used - language.

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker
Non-fiction; published 2012
I've mentioned this book a couple times last year {a QT here and a Christmas post here}. This book wrecked me, and I need to read it again because change comes slowly. Jen picked seven areas of her life from which she eliminated excess and practiced simplicity, and this book is both blog posts from during each month {she focused on one area for 30 days each} as well as her conclusions after the fact.

Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Midwife by Peggy Vincent
Non-fiction; published in 2003
This was my first "baby" book that I read, and I think it may be my favorite for both a narrative and birth stories. Vincent weaves together both her journey as a midwife and wonderful birth stories of her clients, and the result is wonderful. If the subject matter is up your alley, this is a great and fun read!
Content warning: this is a book about birth, so guess what gets described in detail? Also, Vincent doesn't know Jesus and is in Berkeley in the 1970s, so that is something to keep in mind as you read.

Classic recommendations:
Emma by Jane Austen
Hello, I'm 25 years old and just read Emma for the first time a couple months ago. Read it. Push past how annoying Emma is. Pick yourself up from that swoon for Mr. Knightley. Read this classic {and check out this modern adaptation on You.Tube and Samara's review!} and let me know what you think!

Persuasion by Jane Austen
I think this is my favorite Austen novel. My friend Julie and I are re-reading it together right now, and I am reminded yet again how much I love it. Any one else a Persuasion fan?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
This is another book that I should have read as a teenager but missed it. However, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it last winter and highly recommend it as either a first-time read or a re-read.

There you go, friends! Enjoy your reading, and let me know if any of these books make your best or worst lists. Thanks for hosting, Jen and Morgan!

Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Oils and Anniversaries

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for this week's Takes!

1.  First of all, our hostess Jen has an amazingly crazy schedule, yet she still makes time to host this link-up every week. Thanks, Jen!

In case you didn't know, Jen has written an awesome book {that adjective comes from countless blogging friends who have read it and loved it} and I'm excited to get my hands on it {come on, library!} and share my thoughts on it. Stay tuned!

2. Okey dokey, what's up with the oil? A couple months ago, Samara and I purchased Young Living's Premium Starter Kit {it's the best value, peeps, for realz!}, because we'd been reading about essentials oils from Emily and Jami and Natalie {oh, and Heather just started a series, too!} and we wanted to try it. It's been awesome. So awesome that these oils are the subject of the next few Takes.

3. The premium kit comes with a diffuser and oh. my. gosh. I am in love with this thing! It's so easy to use and it smells wonderful and makes me feel like I'm in a spa and hello, it's also adorable!

People come over to my house and say, "What's that egg thing?" and I usually respond with, "It's my baby stop judging I'm in love here let me show you," and then there's no jumping off this hippie train {right, Natalie? ;) }.

4. Golly, Bek, that sounds cool and all, but what do these oils do?!? Oh, my friend... essential oils are awesome! So I may have mentioned a while ago that I had some health yuckiness {and some super horrid bills to pay}, and on Tuesday, I went to the hospital and had a minor surgery and got everything taken care of. I think the side effect of sedation, though, was a head cold, because a) who gets head colds in July?? and b) I started having symptoms only after the procedure. But I will take a head cold over puking aaannnnyyyy day, so glory be.

I woke up Wednesday feeling super congested, and thought, maybe I should try some oils and stuff. Thieves is the mother of all immune support, and since I didn't have time before work to diffuse it, I just unscrewed the bottle and inhaled a whiff. Just one breath. And then I got dressed. And by the time I was completely dressed, my nose was completely cleared up. It's true. It's magical.

5. Later Wednesday evening, I was showing our oils to some dinner guests, and I read that peppermint can help with sinuses and headaches, so I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it onto my temples and sinuses. Ohhhh my goodness, people. Peppermint is a cool oil, and my face started tingling where I had applied the oil. My headache disappeared. 

And when the directions say to "avoid eye area," I suggest doubling the size of whatever you consider the "eye area" because peppermint is strong and your eyes will sting a bit. But that was a small price to pay for no more headache! I slept like a baby that night. 

6. On a non-oily note, yesterday was my bosom friend's parents' anniversary, and she wrote a beautiful post about them! They are my pastors in Kentucky as well a part of my "Kentucky family" and I think they're super cute!

7. Speaking of anniversaries, today is my parents'! They've been married for 27 years, and aren't they adorable!?
with my sister Jayna

the whole fam!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thank you for the awesome example of a fun and dedicated marriage. You're the best!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finish This: Week Twenty-seven

Linking up with our fabulous hostesses, Jen at The Arizona Russums, Nicole at Three 31, Lisa at Coastlined, and Becky at The Java Mama. Enjoy!

For July 4th, I celebrated by spending time with friends on the beach! We ate yummy food, applied expired sunscreen, walked on the beach, dug holes, visited my old treehouse, and played cards. Although some of my friends had to catch an early ferry, my family and friend Rebecca and I were able to watch the annual fireworks show, which is always fantastic. Happy 4th!

My go-to cosmetic product is deodorant. Seriously. No matter what the occasion, fancy or casual, heels or swimsuits, I put on deodorant. If I wear no make-up and am only going to loaf around the house, I will put on deodorant. I'm obsessed, and I'm fine with that!

I am inspired by people who faithfully do what God called them to do, day in and day out, even when it means taking a risk and going to grad school like Samara or interning with a pro-life organization like Laura or adjusting work schedules for your yummy baby like Victoria or switching directions like Catherine. People who follow God through the wilderness inspire me!

The best relationship advice I ever received was this:

When no one is around, I tend to clean and then read. Having a clean house is really important to me, and I'm more at peace when my home is tidy. And when everything is neat, I flop onto my bed or couch and read. See, there's the 5% of me that is introverted!

There you have it! Join the link-up with your own blog or answer the prompts in the comments. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Happy Independence Day! Here Are British Shows

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for the 4th of July's 7 Quick Takes!

1. Monday morning... oi. Hair done, makeup done, clothes on, earrings in, and ready to grab my lunch and go. I made it to the kitchen {6 steps from the front door} and realized that I was still wearing my slippers. Sigh. 

2. Jen from The Arizona Russums shared this article about raising daughters- really good! Thoughts?

3. This article from Shauna Niequist is amazing - "You are significant whether or not you have a significant other."


I really don't know how to do 4 more Takes with information like that staring me in the face... but I shall try and muddle on.

5. Oh wait, yes I do. Because BBC also announced an AIR DATE for Doctor Who!!!

6.  Seriously, this is the story of my life.

7. Not related to the 4th of July or BBC shows at all - check out Laura and my interviews! She's a guest here, and I'm over there. Enjoy!

Blogging Interview With Laura!

{Hey readers! Some of you may be familiar with Laura from A Drop In The Ocean - she is a really cool gal from my favorite coast, and we've been emailing back and forth for a few weeks. We decided to interview each other for our blogs, so today you get to read her answers on my blog and you can check out my answers on her blog. Enjoy!}

1. Introduce yourself! What's something you want these readers to know about you? What's your favorite color? Favorite book? Favorite animal? Secret talent? 

Hello! My name is Laura. I'm smack dab in the middle of college working on a degree in business management and loving life. My big family, sunshine, babies, and Nutella are a few of my favorite things. Red is my favorite color because it is intense and beautiful at the same time (except for when you paint your nails a crazy bright fire engine red. ew). I recently finished Something Other than God, which I really liked. You can check here for more books I've read. My favorite animals are the ones on my plate, my friends would tell you, because I'm not really a pet person. Sorry P.E.T.A. :-) I once tried to learn to play a jaw harp for a musical I was in, but that didn't turn out so well, so I can't think of a fabulous secret talent for you. Read on!

2. Bek and Laura are both involved in the pro-life movement. How did that start for you?

It kind of fell into my lap in 2011. After going to the Walk for Life that January, I started learning more about the whole movement, and couldn't believe that I had never known about it before! After needing to quit my retail job in June, I was searching for a job for months until I finally had to just stop and chill and wait. A job with Live Action came out of divine providence that fall, and I'm still writing for them today. It was a snowball effect since then, and it's become my life. I love babies. Like so much that I have a whole Pinterest board of them. Now I work with pregnancy clinics and hope to work myself up to managing one after graduation.

3. If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hot molten lava cake a la mode. Could it be Nutella flavored?

4. Alright, break out the granola! Is there a hippie recipe or idea that you want to try but haven't because you're afraid of disaster/body odor/explosions?

Definitely deodorant. I've never found a regular one I really like, but in reading about natural ones people said they sometimes make your skin peel like a sunburn. Um, ouch? Peely armpits sound kind of bad! I've also been wanting to make hair gel with flax seeds but that didn't turn out so hot the first time.

5. Bek and Laura have been learning about each other's faith practices. What's something you learned from the other person that surprised you?

I don't know if surprised is the right word, but I thought it was interesting how important Jesus music is to some people. Before going to college I had never listened to praise & worship sort of music, but it's interesting to see how important that is some people!

6. If you could have a dinner party with any three guests, living or deceased, who would you invite?

Mother Teresa, William Wilberforce, and Martin Luther King Jr. I think I would die being in their presence, though :-)

7. What is one of your favorite quotes? 

It's hard to pick just one with a whole board of them, but this one by St. Catherine of Sienna is definitely one of my favorites:

8. If you could have a super power for a day, what would it be?

It would be invisibility so I could be a creeper and no one would know. MWahahaahahaha! Kidding :-) I do think it would be cool to be invisible, though, and do awesome things for people and learn about their lives.

9. What's something really hard you've done?

Doing badly in a class (and having to re-take it) would top my list as well as doing 5k's.

10. What's something you've learned recently?

The last year has taught me quite a lot, but especially to invest in relationships with people, forgive even when you don't feel like it, and listen more than I talk. You know what? People just really like to be cared about.

11. If you had a choice, what would you want to be remembered for 250 years from now?

I would like to be remembered for how much I cared about people I come in contact with, and for inspiring people to dream big, live awesome lives, and be authentically the person God made them to be.

12. What are some of your hopes & dreams for your future?

It's funny because 4 years ago I could never have imagined myself where I am today. Majoring in business? Um, ew. Gag. Working in the pro-life movement? Wait, what is that? I'll be interested to see where the future takes me, but I'd love if it consisted of continuing to work with families to make healthy choices and a family of my own. I want to live in a semi-rural area and own chickens and a cow and have land to have adventures on. I'd like to invite friends and family over once a week to have dinner together and experiment with lots of hippie products and coupons ;-)

13. What would an awesome day consist of for you?

I would wake up just before my alarm and remember to pray before I got up. Then I would have an awesome workout (preferably a group exercise class in zumba, step, or kickboxing), a hot shower, and have a lovely breakfast with a caramel latte. I would then write something I'd been thinking about, read in the sun in a hammock, go chill at the beach, and babysit a baby or two for someone. Then I'd come back and have a big family dinner (summer BBQ!) and play games and then stay up half the night having deep conversations.

Laura is a college junior who enjoys spontaneous dance parties (like this), staying up late talking about random things, and gittin' things done. She also likes to dress up in nice things and write provocative blog titles like things about fancy panties, dressing like a hoochie mama, or telling Jesus I am totes worthy. She likes weird things like making her own detergent, talking about controversial issues, and zuchini. Join in the fun over at her blog.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Finish This: Week Twenty-six

Joining the link-up fun with hostesses Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Arizona Russums, Becky at The Java Mama, and Lisa at Coastlined.

It's never too late to eat breakfast. Seriously, people, breakfast is always a good idea. It doesn't even have to be your first meal of the day. Just eat breakfast-for-dinner and enjoy your life. No one freaks out about breakfast, because breakfast is the best.

I compare myself to others less than I used to. I'm getting better at choosing contentedness instead of comparison, because comparison takes the joy out of what God's given you. Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts has helped immensely with choosing gratefulness for what I have; I highly recommend it. 

My personality is extroverted. Type A. Slightly OCD. ESTJ. Those are the labels you could apply to me. But I'm more than labels, fo sho! I'm hilarious, smart alecky, kind, caring, and willing to serve. My name means "refreshed" and I try to be an encouragement to those around me.

I can play the piano. Babysit 10 kids {and keep them all alive}. Get off topic, but then come back to it. Make my own laundry detergent and dishwasher soap. Crochet like a boss. Remember birthdays. Make an amazing mojito and an awesome pitcher of sangria. 

I embrace change because I know it's part of the story that God is writing. Usually I can make adjustments easily, but bigger changes {like all the decisions I'm facing} take some time for me to make sure I'm hearing God and am doing what He wants me to do. But once I've heard His voice and know that I know that I know that this direction/decision/change is it, then I'm all in, 100%.

Thanks for joining! Be sure to add your link or answer the prompts in the comments. Happy Hump Day... except not because INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Woot! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Doula Adventures: Bradley Birth Class

Last night was my 4th Bradley birth class, meaning I'm one-third done! Woot!

I've wrestled with sharing about this class because I don't want to repeat everrrrrythingggg in the class {because a) boring for you and b) copyright laws} but I also want to share this adventure with you. So I will give you highlights and hope that satisfies all parties. And if it doesn't, then go throw your own party and be happy.

The Bradley Birth class is aka Husband-Coaching Childbirth. Dr. Bradley wrote a book called Husband Coached Childbirth and he describes natural childbirth and the training mothers and dads/husbands/coaches can do together to achieve a natural birth.
Dr. Bradley defines "natural" as non-surgical and medicine-free birth, or as he puts it, "the way your grandmother gave birth." This clarification is important {to Dr. Bradley, at least} because some doctors' MO is that if the baby comes out "normally" {trying SO hard to avoid body words on the internet, but it may not be possible!!} then it's natural, no matter what pain meds or other drugs were utilized.

Through exercise {both general and specific exercises taught by Dr. Bradley}, good nutrition, and relaxation, women and their coaches can achieve a natural birth.
Birth is an athletic event, so with Husband/Dad acting as Coach, women can train and prepare for the marathon that is labor and delivery.

Fun Facts I've Learned:

  • Expectant moms should be eating 80-100 grams of protein every day {of course, consult with your doctor and stuff}
  • Relaxation is something that takes practice
  • After birth, if babies are placed on the mother's stomach, the baby will crawl his or her way up the mother to start nursing. 
These are only a few of the cool things I've learned at Bradley class, so stay tuned for updates at two-thirds done {middle of August, due to some travelling breaks} and totally done {middle of September}. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!