Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Thirty-one "Worst Costume"

What's the worst Halloween costume you've ever seen?

I get that some people are full of puns, but sometimes you just need to step it up a notch.

Also, this list is literally FULL of "office" costumes... because you have to be somehow work-related if you're dressing up at work? Please no.

Speaking of dressing up at the office, it didn't happen today. Apparently I heard Mom say that I could dress up, but she actually said that I could wear a headband with ears. And Dad said that I could dress up as a young professional in the workplace. Otherwise known as zzzzzz asleep! Oh well. Frankenstein tonight, dressed as part of the Fantastic Fox Family! :D Could we fit a few more F's in that sentence, por favor?

Just a note on 31 Days of Writing, since today is the last day:

Victoria, thank you for hosting this brilliant conglomeration of prompts. I have so enjoyed letting my creative juices flow, and I've loved reading your work. Feel free to host another one of these link-ups in a couple

Readers, have you enjoyed the past 31 days? What was your favorite prompt and/or response? Do you have any suggestions for next time?

**linking up with Victoria - the costumes she's shared are truly frightening!**


  1. Hey Rebekah! Thanks for those awesome costume shares :) I love a good pun!

    AND thank you so much for writing along with me! We'll have to wait til next October for another "31 Day" Challenge from The Nester, but perhaps I'll host a linkup before then. It's been super fun!

  2. Ive enjoyed it! Thanks for writing:)