Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Thirteen “Creative Response to Instagram”

Write a creative response to any image on my {Victoria’s} Instagram feed.

**I am responding to one of the many fall-oriented pictures Victoria has captured.**


Trees change colors. Leaves crunch beneath her feet. Boots and scarves are common garb for her.

A few trees shift their shade. Leaves crunch until the first rain. Rain-boots and umbrellas are common accessories for me. 

I love the Pacific Northwest. I love Kentucky. My heart belongs in both places.

Nothing can ever top {ha! literally} my Mount Rainier. Nothing compares to the sound of the Sound.

The Northwest’s falls, however, fall short. Kentucky reigns supreme in autumn; here it just rains.

Thank you, Victoria-by-way-of-Insta, for sharing your Fall with me.


**linking up with Victoria!**

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