Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Twenty-eight "Pursue an Idea"

Did you stumble upon any interesting ideas through the past 27 prompts? If so, use this day to pursue one of them.

The month of October is almost over- yikes! I really can't believe that this 31 Days segment is almost over. I've really enjoyed getting into the creative side of writing, although I have missed the heart-to-heart "conversations" that are non-fiction {otherwise known as story of my life}.

Have I found some interesting ideas? Yes, actually, but not all of them are plot-related. Some of the most interesting ideas have been about me as a writer, which is kind of weird, since I never considered myself to be a writer. But this month God totally used the 31 Days and a new writing guild within my church to say, "Hey, I've put words in you and it's time to prepare for them to come out!"

Not exactly what I was expecting to happen, I'll be honest. But who expects the things that God does? :)

So I sort of alluded to some of this process on Day Ten, and then when this writing guild {nicknamed "The Boot"} started last Sunday, I realized that things were moving forward. Really moving. And it's exciting and nerve-wracking and thrilling and kinda weird that it's happening. And I will share even more when these 31 Days are over, so just wait! And to answer today's prompt, here's what I'm pursuing currently:

Edna Walters, the character I developed earlier, is going to continue to exist. I have an idea for where she's going and what the conflict and resolution will be, but that's all for right now. And of course I can't tell you now, because "spoilers!" :)

Open Letters {first; second}: I want to write one at least once a month. These are creative ways to express thoughts, and I want to keep the creative juices flowing!

Victoria mentioned continuing to write poetry, and while I think that would be great, I just don't know if that's going to happen for me. Poetry is not my default thinking pattern, but if there's a prompt and a challenge, I may just rise to the occasion. We'll see :)

That's what I'm pursuing! Until next time...

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  1. Hooray for discovering words!

    AND I can't wait to follow your "Open Letter" series. That'll be awesome.

    1. Thanks for your excitement and encouragement, Victoria! And thank you for hosting 31 Days- I've so enjoyed stretching my creative muscle :)