Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days of Writing: Day Fourteen “Wild Card 3”

“The Trunk That Saves the Universe”
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Tardis in a trunk. It’s perfect. My sister and I will decorate the trunk of my car to look like the TARDIS, and then we will dress ourselves up as the Doctor {the Tenth, of course} and a companion {Rose, of course} and then we will pass out candy to the children who walk around the parking lot of church.
It’s completely brilliant.
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I think that we will hang a blue sheet to completely cover the inside of the trunk. Gotta set the scene, you know. And then we will add some cords and tubes and scientific-looking objects, to accessorize the sides. In the middle, we will put a huge vase and fill it with colored water. Perhaps Dad can help us rig a pump of some sort…
We personally will accessorize with a Sonic Screwdriver and some Psychic Paper. We will look legit.
For candy, we’ll hand out Milky Ways and Moon Pies.
Our trunk will be so TARDIS-like that people will want to climb inside the trunk to see if it’s bigger on the inside.
And that is how we will save the universe, one trunk-or-treater at a time.

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