Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo Journal of Bek’s Boring Life in College

Ha! I promised I would, and look! I did! :)
My slippers! First thing I see every morning :)

I took a shower this morning- aren't you proud!? Here is my towel & my cover-up

Picked out my clothes for the day…

My deodorant choices!!!!! Woot! I love deodorant!
P.S. This blog is not promoting, advertising, or supporting these brands in any way, shape, or form. The choices of these companies do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this blogger. But I do totally support the wearing of deodorant! :)

Spent time with Jesus- this is the equipment ;)
Close up of my gorgeous journal!

Met with my professor before class- we discussed our plans for the week

Walking through campus
On my way to lunch… isn't this a beautiful campus???

Headed to my dorm to get more books- this is the jack-o-lantern on the porch

Checked my CPO box… nothing :( hint hint :)

Here is my sack lunch- wrap, chips, fruit and veggies, and granola bar- yummo!

This is when things get crazy- if I had really been on my game, I would have stopped to take pictures of all my class rooms, or of the textbooks, but from 1pm until 6pm I’m literally running from class to class. So, sorry, readers. As a consolation note, the classes are boring! :)
This is dinner at 6- see lunch for more details. Yep, I have the same lunch and dinner every Monday and Wednesday, and boy am I grateful for food on the go!

There, I took a picture of one book. This is for Industrial/Organizational Psychology… oh yeah

And lastly, to end on an up note, these are the meds I take so I can breathe! Haha, I know, boring. Perhaps I’ll do a photo journal on a weekend, because they are much more exciting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, readers! What do your days look like?

Coming Soon!

Today I’m going to try to do a sort of photo journal of my day. I've done well so far… granted, I've only been out of bed for about an hour, so that’s not saying too much :-p but we’ll see how it goes. Come back later tonight or tomorrow for a photo journal of Bek’s Life In College… dun dun dun! :)

To prove that I’m really doing it, here is a sneak peak for your viewing pleasure.

These are the first things I see every morning, and they make me happy. Thank you, sister who gave these to me after I stole yours! :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Remember the Old, Bad Memories?

For my capstone course, my group is researching the Balkan war(s) that took place in the 1990s. There is so much history here! Part of me loves how old the country is, and how rich a history these people have. Part of me resents them for being that old, because it’s a lot to learn about and write a paper about in a month! And part of me is saddened by all the painful memories these people have. “Issues” surfaced during WWI & II that dated back to the 1100s and 1300s, etc. That’s more than 600 years of bitterness held in the memories of these people! I’m blown away by that, first of all because our lovely nation isn't that old AT ALL, and secondly because why would you want to hold onto the bitterness and pain?

I have friends from Germany, and I had the privilege of visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. with one such German friend. I asked him what history class in Germany was like, and he told me that the Nazi regime and the Holocaust are taught in schools to remember the mistakes that the country had made, but would not make again. I've heard that it is illegal in Germany to deny that the Holocaust actually occurred.

My question/thought/contemplation today is, why couldn't the Balkans teach their history lessons without adding bitterness and revenge to the mix? Isn't it possible, as Germany is demonstrating, to remember wrongs done by us and to us, and then forgive and ask for forgiveness and move on, vowing to not let history repeat itself?

My next thought is, will the United States be like Germany or like the Balkans in regards to our own mistakes? I’m thinking particularly of slavery, the Civil War, and racial equality. Will it be something that we teach our children, this is how we used to think, and then we learned this, and now we do things this way? Can it be like that? Or do we have to keep pointing racist fingers at each other, repaying the crimes of the past, and never moving forward in our future?

I’m reminded of the message my pastor gave to my MC class during one of our first weeks. He spoke about Potential, and how our expectations determine how much potential comes into existence. Can we expect that people can change and that we just need to forgive and live our lives? Thoughts, readers?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Um, sorry I’ve been a slacker…

So my one and only excuse is that it’s midterms… haha, not like I’ve stopped doing anything fun! My weekend was AMAZINGLY LONG AND RELAXING, and it continues today and tomorrow, because of dear old Reading Period. Sigh of contentment.

My friend’s dad picked me up after work on Thursday, so I really had a 3 day weekend and I did NO homework. Ah, praise Jesus. It was delightful.

So this weekend I participated in the following activities {including but not limited to}:

  • watching Disney princess movies
  • working on a puzzle
  • baking cookies while playing cards with dear friends
  • attending a 4-H meeting {my first!}
  • being my friend’s assistant during a photoshoot
  • eating AUTHENTIC Southern chicken and dumplings
  • introducing myself 93102938102984392483 times to my friend’s grandma- she has Alzheimer's
  • quoting Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
  • finishing a great new book by Kristen Heitzmann
  • hanging out with lots of lovely friends
  • ladies’ brunch while the men were camping

It was a truly lovely weekend. How was yours?