Thursday, February 13, 2014


61 years ago today, my grandparents got married. My grandpa was from Tennessee and came out to Washington with the Army when he was 17. My grandma was born in Canada, raised in Pennsylvania, and came out to Washington for a job. They met at church where they were both serving the youth group.

wedding party

A few years later, they had a couple kids.
Grandpa + Grandma with my dad and aunt

Quite a few years later, they renewed their vows for their 40th anniversary.
hooray for 40 years!

Grandma and Grandpa embodied sacrificial love, and not just for each other or for their family; they opened up their house countless times to strangers, cousins, church family, visiting pastors, missionaries, in addition to having each of their granddaughters spend the night frequently.

5 granddaughters at Easter

As many of you know, my grandpa passed away last March. He suffered from Alzheimer's for the past several years, and as my family prepared for him to go to Jesus, one of my prayers was that he would live to see his 60th anniversary; I'm so grateful to God that he did and that my grandparents were able to have a little celebration with family.

Although Grandpa is not on earth to celebrate their anniversary, I want to recognize and honor the 60 years that he and Grandma invested in each other, in their kids, in their 5 granddaughters and 2 great-grandchildren, in their neighborhood, their church, and countless other people who had the privilege to meet them. 

Grandpa, I know you're celebrating with Jesus right now, and I miss you like crazy. Thank you for loving and honoring Grandma for your whole married life.  

Grandma, I can't imagine this first anniversary without Grandpa, but I thank you for loving Grandpa faithfully and well. I love you!

Christmas 2011


  1. What a beautiful example of love :-) Thanks for sharing Bek!

  2. This is a beautiful post, Rebekah. So glad you were able to express this. :-)