Monday, February 10, 2014

Blog Every Day Feb: Day Ten - This Season

Linking up with Bailey Jean!

"What are you learning this season?" Great question, Bailey!

First, let me describe my season. I think I did a little bit yesterday with the "day in the life" post and another little bit with my birthday post. This is a season of maturing {living on your own does that} and growing in strengths and passions {volunteering at the clinic, learning how I can do more}. It's a season of learning who I am and how I tick {see goals for this year} and a season of anticipation for what's coming ahead {post coming on that}.

So what am I learning in all this? I'm learning and reviewing and re-learning that God is good and that He has the best plans for me, and that nothing I come up with will be close to His plans. My trust in Him is growing and multiplying and is becoming my default, my MO, my fall-back.

When I get nervous about the future, more and more quickly I'm remembering to turn to God. My prayers have grown more frequent, more guttural, and more desperate, and His answers are more soothing, more caring, and more precise.

Jesus and I just spent the weekend together, and while it was a lovely time of reading, writing, praying, and seeking, I want still more. And isn't that the best? Because Jesus gives of Himself and I taste and see that He is good and I become thirsty for more of Him and He always has more to give.

So to answer Bailey's initial question, I am learning that I need Him more and He has more to give.

What are you learning in this season?


  1. It's a wonderful feeling to be hungry for God...He never disappoints.

    1. SO true! And I'm so grateful for that

  2. Love this! That so much of what it boils down to, and this is a great reminder :-)