Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog Every Day Feb: Day Nineteen - Little Secrets

Linking up with Bailey Jean; we are almost done with February!

Today's prompt asks for "little known facts about you," so brace yourselves.

1. One of my life dreams is to live on a houseboat. "Sleepless in Seattle" may have influenced this desire, but that doesn't make it any less valid. When it happens, I'll invite you over. Pinky promise.

2. When I was 3 years old, I fell off a bed {no more monkeys jumping on the bed!} and hit the mirrors on the closet door. My nose was basically cut off, except for one little piece of skin. Stitches and two decades later, no one meets me and says "what happened to your nose?!?!" with any semblance of horror on their faces. In fact, when I tell people, they don't believe me and have to examine my nose in order to see for themselves.

3. I played Speed Scrabble for a couple of years before I ever played Scrabble on the board. My AP English professor had us play Speed Scrabble as a way to work in timed, pressure-filled situations {I think he just was tired at the end of the school day}, and I thought that was the best way to play Scrabble ever in the whole wide world. 

4. I took classical piano lessons for about 6 years. I'm so glad my parents "encouraged" me to do this. Sometimes I resented all the necessary practicing, but when I got to my last semester of college and needed another half-credit to graduate with honors, I took piano and loved it again. No, it wasn't the most convenient thing to get myself to the basement of the western-most building on campus every day, but once I was in my little piano room, everything was wonderful. 

5.  While I can usually read two or three books at a time, it's really hard for me to be in the middle of more than one crochet project. I feel torn because I want to finish both, but obviously can only work on one at a time. This is why I'm working really hard to finish my friend Rosemary's scarf before I start my Doctor Who scarf, even though the Whovian in me is dyingggg. But priorities, my friends. 

There, those weren't too traumatizing, I hope! Go learn stuff about other people in the link-up.


  1. Sleepless in Seattle!!! Yes! I completely understand. Wow, that is a rather traumatic childhood accident! I love your humor in writing about it- it made me smile. Yes, parent's can be so 'encouraging' sometimes, can't they. ;) I took piano for a few years, but then my teacher moved away and I never found a new one- I still enjoy it and wish I could play better, but oh well. :)

    1. I think the accident was more traumatic for my parents then me! I can't imagine finding my child covered in blood with a nose almost missing! Glad the story made you smile :)
      Piano is so beautiful, but it's not easy to tote around like people do with their guitars :-p

  2. I've always had a fascination with houseboats too! Unfortunately, I get a seasick a little too easily to ever live on one. I love watching shows about houseboats on like HGTV and the travel channel, though!

    I totally wish that I could play the piano. It's such a lovely skill.

  3. Oh my gosh, that would be terrifying for your parents! I'm glad you survived :-) Piano is the bomb and I wish I'd learned more. And a houseboat sounds like a ton of fun!