Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Links, Links, and A Couple More Links

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for today's 7 Quick Takes!

As an aside, I think that this edition should be renamed to "7 Quick Links that Bek Shares" because that's what I've got for you today. Or maybe I'll try reallllly hard to combine the links into half the Takes and actually share stories and fun stuff like that for the other half. Jury is still out, though, mainly because 7 is an odd numeral. Oh, the woes of a blogger.

One: I shared a post from Emily last week, and here we go again. I love every one of her points - "Six Life Lessons I Learned While in Uganda.

Two: Note: this article and subsequent links deal with the topic of sexual abuse. Statistics tell us that one in three women and one in six men are sexually abused. Because of its prevalence, I want to share these tips on talking to someone who has been abused. This is an important read because I want to be especially careful of my words, since this kind of abuse leaves scars that are not always visible. Look at that statistic again: this affects more than 15% of men and over 33% of women. We need to be aware of what's happening. I also want to be sensitive to those readers who have been abused and give them the forewarning of the content and possible triggers. Let us be sensitive, gentle, and loving as survivors heal.

Three: Buzzfeed killed this week. For laughs, this Buzzfeed article about the history of countries in the shortest {and snarkiest} way possible. For more laughs, check out their selection for a fictitious American Doctor Who. For quizzes, indulge your inner {or outter} nerd and take this quiz. Which Jane Austen character are you? I got Anne Elliott - woot!

Four: If Men Got the Titus 2 Treatment... great read, and great links for further reading!

There! Those are all the links I have to share. Onward with stories from real life.

Five: My co-worker's daughter is approaching the age for driver's ed, and so my co-worker and my mom and I were discussing various driver's ed experiences we'd had. My co-worker confessed that when she first learned to drive, the only thing she had driven before was a lawn mower, and so once she was in a car she focused totally on staying next to the lane lines, just like she was mowing the grass...bahahaha! Please tell me I'm not the only one laughing at this.

Six: Since I promised last week that I would spill the beans this week, brace yourself for some beans. Aka my Valentine's Day plans. Tonight, a few girls and I are dressing up and going to 1) drink sangria {yes and amen!}, 2) watch "A Winter's Tale" 3) in a theater that also serves dinner. Yep. Awesome sauce. Be jealous.

Seven: To end with hilarity, please enjoy this e-card and some chocolate {I provide the e-card, you provide the chocolate. Unless you're Willy Wonka and can take a picture of chocolate and turn it into edible chocolate. But I don't even have a picture of chocolate, so you are totally on your own here, sorry...not to rub it in on Valentine's Day... I'm just gonna leave now...}

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  1. (I just tried posting and thought I hit publish, so if you end up with two comments from me, that's why! :)

    Bek, that drivers ed story made me laugh! I had a similar awkward learning to drive experience because my mom used to take me to a church parking lot and have me drive very slow and she would then randomly shout things like, "Joan, watch out for that cow," or whatever object or person she could think of. The cow comment always caught me off guard because we lived in a city. No cows. Anyways, sounds like you had fun V Day plans, hope you had a lovely time!! :)