Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog Every Day Feb: Day Eighteen - My Style

Linking up with Bailey Jean for this post on my personal style {or lack thereof}.

The prompt for today tells me to describe my style. Well, if I was one of those people who took pictures of their outfits, this would be easy. I would share these pictures, pick a few words that generally describe the outfit, and call it a good day. But alas, no pictures.

Since I work in an office, I wear a lot of dress pants {cotton blend for the win!}. Fortunately, we don't have clients coming in, so we can be more business casual than business formal. Phew!

I like bright colors and patterns on my shirts, and I usually have either a scarf or a sweater {or both} since my office is cold. My co-worker teases me that I wear something purple every day, and I'm starting to recognize how right she is!

Gonna be honest here and say that yes, I am one of those people who prefers comfortable clothing. Thankfully, clothing companies speak my language and I'm able to get away with it. You're probably shaking your head at me, but I know that if a piece of clothing doesn't make me feel comfortable - in both the feel of the fabric and the way it falls on me - I won't wear it.

So if I had to pick some fashion words to describe my style, it would probably be....disastrous. I don't even know what most of those fashion words mean, so I will avoid using them and instead try and take some pictures in the future.

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