Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blog Every Day Feb: Day Eleven - Travel Story

Linking up with Bailey Jean for a story of travelling. Gulp.

There are a few ways this post could go. You have the option to read stories or summaries from various trips, or I could tell you a new story from different travels. Or there's "my worst experience on a plane/train/boat/bus" stories that we could all tell, but I don't know if you will laugh or cry at them, so I hesitate. 

Here are some fun highlights from time spent actually travelling:

During my junior year of high school, my class went to Italy for 10 days {I know - best school ever}. Mr. Simon was our favorite teacher, and he is from Britain, which means that his passport is a fancy red instead of the American blue. So to entertain ourselves, my friend EB and I created a short film using euros, Mr. Simon's passport, and the many layers of the seat-back in front of us. Basically EB pretended to be James Bond and open the table-tray, remove the cloth lining under it {probably not what the airline wanted us to do}, take out the British passport, and count the euros inside. Then he looked casually {Bond-like, of course} over his shoulder and put everything in his jacket pocket. Smooth.

before we left...babies!

When Dahlia and I were returning from Prince Edward Island, we were wearing matching sweaters {because in our hearts, we're like 7 years old}. As we were moving to our seats on the plane, one lady looks at us and asks "Sisters?" Now I know we were matching in our clothing apparel, but other than that, Dahlia and I do not look alike. Oh well. Tourists. ;)

Dahlia and me, not matching, not looking related ;)

Shortly after college graduation, Samara and Lois and I ventured down I-5 to Portlandia so we could watch "Frankenstein" {for the first time}. We arrived in the city and found our hotel. After a minor kerfuffle with checking in {"Tell me your confirmation number one more time please?"}, we got a key and directions to our room. Glad to have a room, we unloaded our suitcases and headed to our room. Surprise! Someone else was already in our room... well, at least someone else's belongings were in our room. Ugh. Samara went back to the front desk to kick butt and take names sort out the problem, and we had a new key to a different room very shortly. So we learned that maybe Portland is a bit more chill about hotel reservations and room-sharing and all that. Oh well. {P.S. It was on this trip that I watched my very first episode of Doctor Who!}

enjoying the fresh air before "Frankenstein"

Well, how were those for travel stories? At some point in my life I would love to create a page just for various trips...we'll see if that happens this year. 

Go visit Bailey's page for some more travel adventures!


  1. Great stories. When I think of travel stories I think of my horrid 36 hours at O'Hare airport. But I'll try to make a better story when I visit Seattle. ;-)

    1. Ugh! I thought about some horror stories {5 hours playing "Up and Down the River" in Heathrow, anyone?} but decided to keep it positive.
      I'm sure you'll have a much better story when you come! :D