Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finish This: Valentine's Edition

Linking up with Nicole at Three 31, Jen at the Arizona Russums, Lisa at COASTLINED, and Becky at the Java Mama. If you want to join the fun, finish the sentences below and add your link to one of these fine ladies' blogs.

I celebrate Valentine's Day by sending kiddie valentines to my friends {and my friends' kids!}, buy chocolate on sale, laughing with my fellow single ladies, rolling my eyes at my parents, and avoiding the Hallmark channel.

My heart goes pitter-patter for anything {or anyone!} British. Shocker, I know. Also, used bookstores have been known to raise my heart rate. Holding babies make me feel warm and fuzzy, but technically it feels like they slow my heart beats, so idk what's up with that.

When looking for romance, my best advice is laughable, since I am not a romance expert. Wine and chocolate are always winners, I hear, and if you smell good it's a plus.
Seriously, though, if you're looking for romance, I'd advise you to talk to Jesus about it. He knows your heart {He made it, so that helps!} and He knows your story beginning to end. His version is always the best version.

My favorite love story (real or fiction) is/are too many to list properly! My list includes Anne and Gilbert, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Anne and Captain Wentworth, Hazel and Augustus, Grace and Bob, Isaac and Rebekah, Sybil and Tom, Rahab and Salmon, Miranda and Gary, Elinor and Edward, and Buttercup and Wesley. Awesome Points if you can identify each couple's story.

The best relationship/dating advice I ever received is from my mom. She told me "Be with someone who's crazy about you, and that you're crazy about." Another piece of advice has stuck with me over the years {and I don't even know where I heard it} is that if it comes down to it, my husband should choose God over me and I should choose God over him.

There you have it! Add you link or finish these statements in the comment section. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I know! I know all those stories :) Definitely smiled at "Grace and Bob" :) But how could you not mention "Lucy and Joe Jr." :P

    1. Augh! See, I gave a warning by telling readers that this list is too long to be done properly ;) Lucy and Joe Jr/Jack are on the list :)

  2. Love this! Hooray for clearance sales AFTER Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh...just Hazel and Augustus! I adore them. Great advice about consulting with Jesus...I can attest that it does work!!