Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blog Every Day Feb: Day Eight - Music That Moves Me

Linking up with Bailey Jean for her February challenge. This has been great fun so far!

Bailey wants to know about music that moves me, which means that you, dear readers, are in for quite a long list! I'm going to divide my list into two categories: moving in the emotional sense {I'm sorry, Whovians. I'm so, so sorry.} and moving in the physical sense {aka stand back from Bek because she has crazy dance moves}. Without further adieu...

Emotionally Moving Songs:

  • "Doomsday" from Doctor Who by Murray Gold - get out your tissues!

  • "Your Hands Are Cold" from Pride and Prejudice by Dario Marianelli - sigh.
  • "Light On" from Bella by Joey Ryan. If you haven't seen Bella yet, please do. {Scroll to almost the bottom of the article and click on the song. A new page will load and you can click the play button.}
  • "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" written by The Proclaimers, this version performed by Sleeping At Last
  • "Why Does She Have to Die?" from Finding Neverland by David Marshall - listen to this song while reading the last four chapters of Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities and try not to die from melancholy.
  • Basically any song from "Les Miserables," especially "Empty Chairs," "On My Own," and "I Dreamed a Dream." 1985 version gets my vote!
Physically Moving Songs:
  • Has John Newman not taken over the world yet? Listen to any of his songs from "Tribute" and join me at his concert in April.
  • Hello, Kye Kye. I know I've mentioned them before, but I bring them up again because they are so, so wonderful. And because Bailey asked for my favorite music. So there. Two perfectly awesome reasons to go check them out.
  • This is the physically moving category, and I told you to stand back because of my dance out world, Bek is dancing to Taylor Swift. Best dance/workout tunes? "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Getting Back Together" are both awesome.
  • Icona Pop's "I Love It" {clean version!!!} is pretty rocking.
  • Capital Cities' "Safe and Sound" is one of my favorite songs right now, and it almost made it to the emotionally moving list simply because I hear it as a love song.
I hope this adds to your musical library! What songs move you?


  1. So. Sleeping at Last's "I'm Gonna Be" just shook my world. This is the first time I've heard it. He must be a British fanboy because he also did a cover of "Christmas (Love, Actually)" from the movie "Love, Actually."
    My favorites right now are Bastille. Like, non-stop. "Pompeii," "Oblivion," "Flaws," "Part I: Poet," and "Laughter Lines" are my absolute favs, though there's not a song on their two-disk album that I don't like.

    1. Augh!! Rachel, isn't it the most beautiful thing ever?!?! I basically listen to it every day.
      Mmm, Bastille! I'm adding that album to my playlists, because the two songs I've heard from them {Pompeii and Oblivion} I really madly love. Thanks for the recommendation! :)