Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blog Every Day Feb: Day Four - Explain the Name

Linking up with Bailey Jean at Anchored in Love Divine! Seriously, jump on this challenge. We're 1/7th done with the month already.

And in case you've forgotten the prompts...

So today is the story behind the name of my blog. Well... it's been five years since this blog was named. I was fresh out of Master's Commission where a major focus had been "be a daughter." Being a daughter means resting in God's unconditional love for me, no matter what I've done. Being a daughter is being content in God's total acceptance of me, not striving to earn His favor.

The "contemplations" part of the name comes from the fact that I think about stuff. {Wow, way to sound intelligent, Bek!} But really, this blog is a place for me to sort out my thoughts. As an ESTJ, Type-A, planner-to-the-nth-degree, I'm always thinking about several topics, and this blog helps me get some thoughts out of my head.

I guess this is more of an explanation than a story, but I don't have a cool song like Bailey or awesome quote like Laura. "Contemplations of a Daughter" reminds me to think a little less, rest a little more, and trust in God's love.


  1. i love your blog name! i can totally relate to "contemplations" and being a daughter of the King. beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Danica! I'm glad it made sense :)

  2. I love that your blog name reflects your personal beliefs - it's perfect! I'm also participating in this challenge - such a great way to write every day!