Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not Alone Series: Valentine's Day

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What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Do you enjoy it? Loathe it? Not even realize it's a special day? Do you celebrate it in any way?

My parents have always been the best at giving valentines and chocolate, and I so appreciate the standard and example they have set for me. I walked into work on Friday and found chocolate and a card on my desk {see, there are some great perks to working with your parents!}. And this Valentine's Day, my bestie and I had made plans in advance and so I was looking forward to an evening spent with some fun girls. We hit up Happy Hour at a great Italian place and then went to see "Winter's Tale." And then we may or may not have gone back to the Italian restaurant for their second Happy Hour... what can I say, sangria is my valentine!

Because I knew my plans in advance, I was able to approach this Valentine's Day with excitement for a great evening with "all the single ladies." Did I wish I was on a date that evening? No, actually; it was really great to spend time with friends and I don't wish that away. Do I wish that next year I'll have a date? If that's God's timing for me. I'm sure that whenever God brings me into a relationship, we will celebrate Valentine's Day, and I'm looking forward to those celebrations. But I'm really glad that my single friends and I could go party hearty.

There were a lot of articles going around the internet about "showing love after you've been in the trenches together" and stuff like that, and while it's good, it doesn't apply to me right now. Honestly, I don't want to be told that Valentine's Day is not that special, that every day with your spouse is special, blah blah blah. Right now, I'm still waiting for my first "special" Valentine's Day. I know that not every Valentine's Day will be the most romantic thing since "The Princess Bride," but I'm hoping that at least one V-Day will be! *end rant*

For my big finale, I present to you a photo taken at the end of our Valentine's Day celebration. We were definitely aiming for blurry...or we were laughing too hard at each other to hold still. I'll let you use your discernment to figure out the truth ;)

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  1. Bahah! Great pic! :)

    Even if we had a great Valentine's Day, hate it or could care less about it... I think we all , in some way, long for a special V-day with our future spouse. I mean, who doesn't want to be wooed like everyone else?! But, we have to balance it with a good bit of realism. I mean, love isn't being wooed all the time. It can certainly be part of it, but it's not all of.

    So, I say that to say that it's totally fine, I think, to desire that special/romantic V-day with your hubby! ha.

    And, I am a fan of some Sangria, too!