Thursday, June 7, 2012

scattered, grateful thoughts

Today, I am grateful for my grandpa. it is his 92nd birthday today; how many girls can say their grandpa is 92 and still nice? I can. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and other health issues, and he’s not the grandpa I grew up with, but he does have his moments when he is quite funny and smiling and not in pain, and I cherish those moments. I hope that tonight he had a few such moments as we celebrated him.

Today, I’m also grateful for Downton Abbey. Helllo, where have I been? College? Oh yeah. Anywho. I’m done now, and completely hooked on this lovely British show. Augh! When does Season 3 come out, anyone? I’m almost done with 2, so there better be something to look forward to, and pronto!

Today, I’m grateful to be unpacked {mostly} and live in a semi-clean room. It will be even cleaner tomorrow, I promise, Mom!

I’m grateful to celebrate my sister’s high school graduation tomorrow. Yay! I’m grateful that I can be here for it, and that she’s done so well. Congrats, Lenny!

I’m grateful that 2 of my sisters and I all have a similar shoe size so we can share amongst ourselves. It is hysterical seeing me attempt to walk in my sis’s heels, but hey, that’s what the runway/hallway is for, right? Laughing at ourselves? We is hottttt…

moving right along

I’m grateful for friends to hang out with {3 yesterday, 1 today}, especially on my first week back. It can be a wee bit lonely at times, mainly because my sisters are still in school, but I know that this summer is going to be awesome and wonderful and my friends are fabulous.

I’m grateful for a new mattress to sleep on {thanks, Dad!} and for my foam pillow. And of course for my baby, Sylvester. I’m sure you all remember Sylvester the Looney Toon cat… see below

Well, when I was a young lass, my parents got my a pillow in the shape of his head {yeah, don’t know exactly what was going on there… my youngest sis got Taz…. she had to put her head on the black abyss that was his open mouth…. weeeeeeiiiiirrdddd}. And I've had that pillow since they gave it to me. Oh, I should say I've been sleeping on/with that pillow…. as in, more than a decade ago. Now, most normal people change pillows every couple years, I guess, and it’s not like he was my only pillow, so I feel slightly justified in that, but basically, he’s in another pillowcase so all his stuffing stays together, and I don’t so much sleep on him as I do with him in my arms….. my mom keeps threatening to burn him, but I won’t let her.
Anyways, I’m grateful that I have a Sylvester to sleep with. Goodnight, y’all!


  1. Nice to get an update from you and it is wonderful to such moments with your grandpa. Live in those moments. Give congrats to your sister! :-)

    1. you're welcome! Since I'm home alone a lot, I figure I should blog and record some memories! :)
      I will definitely say congrats to my sister from you; she'll be glad to hear it :)