Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It’s Tuesday….

…and I have nothing to report.
Oh wait, yes I do.

I ordered my camera! It should be here tomorrow, or at the latest, by the end of this week. Yipee! I’m so excited!

Expect a TON more pictures on here. I was thinking tonight as I looked at the beautiful sunset, soon I will be taking pictures with my fabulous new camera. And that made me happy.

Speaking of pictures, I guess I will show you the mug craft that I did. Note something first: I am not usually crafty, and my handwriting generally sucks. But nonetheless, here is the mug I made for my sis {go class of 2012!}.


It says “carpe momenta” around the top, and then “class of 2012” on the sides. I even wrote “' ‘12” on the handle. It came out of the oven looking really good! Sadly though, it went through the dishwasher and only the black ink is visible now. Sad day. But anyhow. My other craft will be done soon, and I will put a picture {or ten- new camera, remember!?} up as soon as it is. I love it already. Seriously, it just needs one more coat of modge-podge (omg, where have you been my whole life!? JUST found out about this stuff!) and then it’s done. But I have to get it back from my friend’s house…. we were crafting at her house.

Alright. Peace out.

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