Monday, June 25, 2012

Stupid Monday

So remember like a week or two ago I was like, yay Monday!

Yeah, well, that was dumb.

Today was a hard Monday. It started out alright…. my alarm is a rooster crowing. No, not a real rooster. A rooster alarm on my phone. Sorry to all you legit farm people with real roosters at the real crack of dawn. I fake it. Anyway.

I got up to my fake rooster noise {well, the noise is real-that’s how I wake up. But the rooster is fake…well, the original one… whatever. See what kind of day it’s been!?!?!?! I’m explaining a rooster noise. Gah!} and actually got out of bed. Win. Then I put on my running shoes and hit the track. There was even a nice old man with his dog at the end of my run, and the sun was shining, and it was delightful. And then I even pulled out the weights and did the Monday arm workout from this summer challenge.

Then my grandma called. She wanted me to come earlier than I had planned, which meant that I had time to take a shower and leave. No make-up. No blown-dry hair. You’re lucky if I’m not wearing flip-flops. But I digress.

I left, and played cards with my grandpa for 5 hours. I kid you not. We took a 15 minute walk, sat outside for maybe 10 minutes, and then went to lunch. So maybe cards lasted 4 hours.

I’m trying not to be negative here, because I really am grateful that I have a grandpa to play cards with and go visit and you know, granddaughter stuff. But his Alzheimer’s has progressed and he’s really not my grandpa anymore, and it is emotionally draining to see him like this. The sad thing is, my grandma is with him 99% of the time. I went over to be with him so that she could go out. I can’t imagine how she does it, caring for him like this. They've been married for 59 years- isn't that an incredible legacy I have!? I’m so grateful.

Moving on in the day…

I errands to run, the most important one being that I return clothes to a store. In my rush to be at my grandma’s on time, I forgot the receipt. Grr.

So I went to the bank instead. And got “taught” how to fill out my deposit slip “the correct way.” Thanks, lady. I know I that I look like I’m 12 because my hair looks like crap and I have no make up on with my jeans and t-shirt, but for the love of Pete, I know how to deposit checks! Grrr…

Then I sat in traffic going to pick up my mom. Thankfully, after we passed a random van on the side of the road, the flow of traffic picked up and I was able to get to Mom on time. Then she drove home and I vented :)

So, all in all, it wasn't a bad day. It certainly wasn't Mundane Monday. It was just hard, and now it’s almost over.

On the bright side, my bff’s graduation party is tomorrow, and it’s a 40s/50s themed, and I’m going to wear a cute dress! Now I just need to paint my nails and go to bed. I hope your Monday was better than mine, and that your Tuesday is even better!

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