Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It’s that time…

Time of the day? Time of the week? Of my life?
The time has come for me to stop pinning things on Pinterest and actually do something from that lovely {addicting}, inspiring {addicting}, and fantastical {-ly addicting} website.

Side note: I will try and put in the pictures with a link so you don’t have to guess at what I want to do, and if you don’t want to go to the websites, you don’t have to and you can still be in the loop. I know. You love me. And you love being in the loop. You’re welcome.

Item 1: this mug! You can find the instructions right over here.
Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite book, and also movie. So it’s fitting that today my Mr. Darcy proposal tea mug came in the mail this afternoon. Is it possible to be in love with a cup? Because I think that’s currently happening right now. I bought it from this lovely Jane Austen inspired etsy shop, Brookish. 

Item 2: I want to put this quote {from the fabulous and ever-wise Pooh Bear}

on a mirror like this:

You can find the instructions for the mirror at this very spot.

Item 3: I’m trying to convince my sister to share her button collection so I can make these bobby pins.

Hopefully you can figure out how I’ll be making those… the first step is my sister.

For my “someday”, I want to make the following signs:
welcome to our...home
In This Home Subway/Typography Word Art Sign

                           and finally,
Untitled 1 Fun Kitchen Printables

Oh wait. That wasn’t the last. This is the last.
Wall of words, This is a project I made using a bunch of old wood an pallet wood i had. I cut sanded and then painted it in shades that match my decor. I used the Cricket machine to help with the letters and fonts....then distressed it using sandpaper, Wall of words, Home Decor Project
Ok. That is all. Oh. Wait. I lied. Again. Sigh.
My bestie and I are going with a group to see a movie tonight. Here is the trailllllller
Ok. That’s the real end. Good bye now. :D


  1. I want pictures of YOUR projects. Proof. ;-)

    1. I will post pictures when they are ALL done. I've finished the mug already :)