Friday, June 8, 2012

Funny Friday

I’m pretty sure that a while ago, I committed to making Fridays the day a funny story would be shared. And I’m pretty sure that happened like once. As in, the day I committed to it. Fail.

The good news is, there will always be another Friday! Win!
The bad news is, this chick can’t always think of funny stories on demand. Fail.

The good news is, this chick has funny friends to quote. Win!
So, since you all know of my Downton Abbey obsession love, allow me to relay the following conversation (taken from Facebook, so it’s totes accurate).
scenario: Beks tells E about Downton Abbey. E watches first episode, gets hooked. Tells Beks about it. Tells Beks she thinks about Downton Abbey while doing schoolwork.

E: yeah I catch myself thinking about it at odd times while I'm doing school, "If P is the midpoint of TF, then PF = omg what's that creeper Thomas up too!?!"

B: you are hysterical!!! i almost wish i had school to do so i could be distracted like that, lol.

E: Yeah if I go to a test or anything I'll remember the answer cause of the show lol

B: *responds by posting picture*

E: Bahahaha this is awesome!! We should go into business and make a Downton Abbey math book :P

B: bahahahaha we'd be rich!

E: We could call it "Learning with Downton" or "How to avoid creepers like Thomas and other math problems" hahaha idk got any ideas?

B: hahahahahaha i love your second idea! or how about Doing Arithmetic with Downton Abbey... they could use the same font and everything

And that, my friends, is an actual conversation (or two) that took place on our favorite website. It’s true. If you don’t believe me, figure out who I’m talking to and read the conversation for yourself. Or beat us to the punch and go write a math book according to Downton Abbey… whatevs.
hope this was funny enough for Friday


  1. Nice! I love how much you love Downton Abbey...I love it too. You might like this...

    1. Thanks! Do you watch it also?
      And omg that's hysterical! :) love it love it

  2. Your writing voice is SO strong! Hahaha Yeah, lucky for me I discovered Downton Abbey whilst recovering from my concussion. I watched both seasons from my convalescent bed ;) I'm a MASSIVE fan of John Bates!!

    1. Thanks, dear! From a writer, I feel like that is a high compliment! :)
      When did you have a concussion!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
      And oh, Mr. Bates... I had such high expectations, but in the midst of season 2, he seems a bit dry.... what are your thoughts on the Daisy/widow conundrum?