Monday, June 11, 2012

Are Mondays Mundane?

Why does no one blog on Mondays? I've literally read 3 new posts today, 2 of them from sisters, and one because I think it was her son’s birthday. This is not ok.

So, here I am, saving the day {in my head}, blogging on a Monday. Out to prove that no, Mondays aren't mundane. They’re just Monday, so they have a bad rep. Well, here’s what I did this Monday.

  1. Hung out with my sis. She didn't have to go to school until noon {yay, finals week!} so she made m&m pancakes for breakfast. Do I have the best sister? Yes I do.
  2. went for a run. I downloaded this free running app, and it plays music from my files while I run. Hello?! How awesome! It’s a “learn to run” thing {at first I thought it would teach me- it’s like walking, only faster and more painful} so for Day 1 it was 3 minutes of running alternated with 3 minutes of walking, for about 25 minutes. Running for an hour, here I come! At least, that’s what the app promises.
  3. texted with some of my bestest friends who live in my Other Home. One of my bestest friends got the Captain American shirt {you can be jealous right here} and I’m definitely getting one to match, as soon as I go to the mall. Tomorrow.
  4. bought new body wash! woot! Don’t you love a good-smelling body wash? It’s so much better than bar soap. Ugh. Don’t even get me started. Ooh, and I bought new razor blades. So I can smell good AND you can see my skin instead of my leg hair. awkward.
  5. watched Titanic with my mumsie and sis. Well, we changed the channel on the “grown up” *ahem* parts. Yucko. But I’m pretty sure my sister and I said “how sad” about a gazillion times.
  6. On that Titanic note, my sis was unfamiliar with “My Heart Will Go On” so I am going to show her a video of the regular song, and then this lovely {ok, hysterical} video. If you have not seen it before, pause, run to the restroom {just in case!} and then grab some tissue, because you are going to be ROFL and sobbing your eyes out and hopefully we can prevent the wet-your-pants-because-you-laughed-so-hard bit. Anyway. Here is what I’m going to show her. Enjoy!

What did you do this Monday, friends?

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