Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bucket List

So this is kinda out of the blue, but hey, this is what I’ve been contemplating recently. My bucket list. And more importantly, what has been crossed off my bucket list. Don’t you guys love a good story? A good story with a  purpose?! Come on. Shut the front door. Here’s the story.

It was my last night in my Other Home, and we were leaving a dear friend and her kids, and I was trying not to cry, and the kids were crying as they got into their car seat (it was after 10pm, so tears are almost implied) and my pal was like, hey, you can ride home with me instead of waiting for the kids. So I was like, sure. So we got into his car and headed home.

It was a warm night, so the windows were rolled down. My pal had just been at a dance, so he was all spiffed up {vest, hat, the works}. As we’re driving along home, we hear music. Swinging music. I was like, hey, you’re all dressed for this kind of music. Let’s see if we can stop and dance! I’m thinking, anything to stop thinking about leaving! So we stop, and lo and behold, a wedding reception is happening! Live band and everything! My pal is like, wanna go? And I was like, crash a wedding? Sure!

So we go up there, and let me set the stage, readers. I’m in jean shorts, flip flops, and a sweater. My pal is, as mentioned, all spiffed up. The wedding reception was fancy- white tents, twinkle lights around the trees, and the people are niiiiice. So my pal and I just stand there for a bit, appreciating the dancing “skills” of the people already there *wink wink* Finally, my pal is like, let’s go dance. So we go up onto the dance area and start to boogie like we know what we’re doing and like we totally belong. It was awesome. I had my eyes one direction to watch the bride {if she came too close, we were gonna book it!} and my pal was looking the other direction watching the other dancers. After a couple minutes, he’s like, ok, we’re getting too many funny looks. Let’s go. So we left. And we laughed the whole way to the car. It. Was. Epic.

So yes, friends, I’ve crashed a wedding…reception. But still. Been there, done that. Hehehehehe


  1. I can't believe you did that! And yet, I'm not surprised. ;-) On the other hand, crashing a wedding was on your bucket list? What else is on this bucket list, I may ask? Hummmm.....

    1. hahahahaha, ikr! it was awesome :)
      and as for the bucket list thing, it actually wasn't on the list until after it happened... which is true of most things on my bucket list, actually.... lol