Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Story, a day early

I may or may not have time to post tomorrow for Funny Friday, so here it is a day early, and if I’m able to post tomorrow, you’ll get two funny stories in a row. How awesome possum is that!!!

So, this funny story happened yesterday. It’s called “the day my sister almost called 911 on me.”

I went for a run, and as I left the house, I called to the two sisters still at home “leave the door unlocked for me, please!” And off I ran. For 40 minutes. Oh yeah.

When I got back, all sweaty and ready for my Wat Bot {in the fridge getting cold-woot!}, guess what. The door was locked. So I went around the house. Both back doors were locked. Blast. Silly sisters I thought…. ok, maybe I thought not-so-nice words…. but this is a  G-rated blog, peeps!

I called my sister. She ignored my call. I know this because it rang twice and then went to voice mail, like she intentionally hit ignore and laughed maliciously at my call. Actually, she was interviewing someone for her newspaper job, so she probably didn't do the malicious laugh part. So then I called my mom. She told me where the spare key was located, and so I was able to get in through the garage.

Now, you should know, readers, that we use our garage as storage, so the garage door is rarely open. Just context, because it will make sense later.

In my "*frustration* at my sister, I left the garage door open. It was my “you locked the door- look at how I had to get in!” signal. Now, I wasn't fuming mad- I’m usually not. I just wanted a conversation starter, ya know?

I was in the laundry room folding towels when my sis came home. I could hear her get out of her car, and then a longer-than-usual silence in between the car door shutting and the front door opening. I heard her open the screen door….pause…unlock the front door….pause…. open the front door…. timidly step in….”Hello?”

“Hello!” I hollered back.

“Why is the garage door open?! I was about to call 911!!!!”

And that, my friends, is how my sister almost called 911 on me, because the garage door was open.


  1. Haha! What would she say exactly, "Please send all the police THE GARAGE DOOR IS OPEN!" :-D

    1. hehehehe, i know! But it is SUCH a rare occurrence that she thought someone had broken in through the garage! lol