Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Story of a Girl and her Wat Bot

Isn't there some song that starts out “this is the story of a girl…” yeah well that came to mind, but it sounded too 80s or 90s or whatever {don’t ask me about it- that’s the only part of the song I know- shout out to AJ who sent me a pin about this…haha!}.


So I’m sitting here at work with ten minutes left till I can go home. What do I do? Blog. Duh. Here’s the post to prove it. But I thought, what do I blog about? Or should I not blog? What do I need to make sure I bring home?

next thought: Wat Bot’s in the fridge! Remember Wat Bot. Must. Remember.

Although I’m sure I've mentioned my Wat Bot before {and everyone who remembers this thinks this girl is craaaazy- you’re right, btw}, I don’t think I've officially told the story of me and my Wat Bot. So here it is.
I’m a water kind of gal. As in, my liquid of choice is water. Probably once every 5 visits to a place of food-for-sale {otherwise known as restaurants} will I order something in addition to water; the rest of the time, aqua only, please.

So I would get a plastic water bottle and try and adopt it for the summer, and it would get thrown away. Or recycled, cuz that’s what we do in this lovely green state. {for those of you who know which state I’m talking about, you’ll understand that I was being punny just then} Or the poor water bottle would get mixed up with my mom’s or my sisters’, or simply abandoned in the fridge. Or, worst of all, it would go through the dishwasher and come out crinkled and yucky. Sad, sad day.

I searched high and low for a water bottle that would remain faithful. But alas. No such luck. I made myself content with rotating plastic water bottles as the need arose.

Then, the angels sang. I worked a Microsoft conference, and at the end of the show, they gave their staff the leftover water bottles! Glory be! This water bottle was solid but lightweight, had a straw, a flippy lid (as in, practically spill-proof), and said “Windows Phone” on the side! What more could a girl ask for in a water bottle?! Well, maybe not the MS ads, but hey, we’ll take what we can get!

So I welcomed this water bottle into my life. It worked another show with me. It flew across the country with me. It went to every class and every work shift with me. It went to my Other Home(s) with me each weekend.

My life was complete. I have a Wat Bot. Twas glorious.

The best thing is, AJ’s kids call it “Wat Bot” too, and they even help me by bringing it to me whenever I set it down. Perfection, I tell you.

Anyway. This is the entirely random and completely true story of Bek and her Wat Bot. Be jealous.

Oh, PS. I told AJ’s chicka that if I worked for MS again, I’d try and bring her back her own Wat Bot. Later, she reminded me of this promise, saying “If you work for Microwave again, you’ll bring me a Wat Bot?”
Yes, dear. If I work for Microwave again, I’ll be sure and bring you a Wat Bot. Cuz I love working for Microwave. Too. Cute. 

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