Thursday, November 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Thanks for letting me verbally vomit yesterday. You know how when you actually throw up, right before feels way worse than during, and then after feels so much better? You know also when Bek makes a vomit analogy it really is worse than anything involving physical vomit because then you're just stuck thinking about vomit? But the worstest part of this whole thing is actually typing the word: v o m i t. Bleck. Moving on...if a recovery is even possible...

Let's get down to business {to defeat the Huns}!
  1. Update on the TARDIS purse: the purse part is done! The strap is done! I'm starting the letters to go on the strap today. {"Strap" is also a gross word to type-aren't you glad I used it two times in a row!?} If you want to make your own purse, here's the pattern. If you want a TARDIS purse but are unwilling to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears not a crochet-er, you can talk to me about my mad skillz. :D
  2. 7 by Jen Hatmaker.... just finished it last night. Don't you love books that make you think? This one does, and weep and laugh. It's pretty wonderful and I highly recommend it. Jen also has a blog full of wonderful convicting posts.
  3. This one's a bit heavy, but so so encouraging. Read these two posts {first and second} about Bound4Life's vision for this coming season, and pray for God's Spirit to move in ways we can't even imagine.
  4. Also recommended by Jen Hatmaker, this company is really quite amazing and I'm thinking that Christmas is coming, y'all.
  5. Um, Doctor Who... good friends Samara, Ashley, and Kayla each composed a glorious homage to our favorite threesome the Ponds.
  6. This song is amazing. My friend Eric shared it with AJ's sister Steph, and somehow I got hooked into listening to this song quite frequently. Anyway...enjoy!
  7. This video is incredible! Please invest 1 minute and 19 seconds to watch some guy do at age 53 what I have never been able to do ever in my whole life.
  8. BONUS! The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is in 9 days...repeat, NINE DAYS!!!! Try not to freak out ;)

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