Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Finish This: Week Twenty-six

Joining the link-up fun with hostesses Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Arizona Russums, Becky at The Java Mama, and Lisa at Coastlined.

It's never too late to eat breakfast. Seriously, people, breakfast is always a good idea. It doesn't even have to be your first meal of the day. Just eat breakfast-for-dinner and enjoy your life. No one freaks out about breakfast, because breakfast is the best.

I compare myself to others less than I used to. I'm getting better at choosing contentedness instead of comparison, because comparison takes the joy out of what God's given you. Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts has helped immensely with choosing gratefulness for what I have; I highly recommend it. 

My personality is extroverted. Type A. Slightly OCD. ESTJ. Those are the labels you could apply to me. But I'm more than labels, fo sho! I'm hilarious, smart alecky, kind, caring, and willing to serve. My name means "refreshed" and I try to be an encouragement to those around me.

I can play the piano. Babysit 10 kids {and keep them all alive}. Get off topic, but then come back to it. Make my own laundry detergent and dishwasher soap. Crochet like a boss. Remember birthdays. Make an amazing mojito and an awesome pitcher of sangria. 

I embrace change because I know it's part of the story that God is writing. Usually I can make adjustments easily, but bigger changes {like all the decisions I'm facing} take some time for me to make sure I'm hearing God and am doing what He wants me to do. But once I've heard His voice and know that I know that I know that this direction/decision/change is it, then I'm all in, 100%.

Thanks for joining! Be sure to add your link or answer the prompts in the comments. Happy Hump Day... except not because INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Woot! 


  1. I can babysit 10 kids also and keep them alive.. that is a talent that is truly admired by many. Now I may not have my sanity when they all leave but keeping them alive is what is important.

  2. Is your laundry detergent compatible with high-efficiency machines? I have a front-loader washer and dryer (that I love) and I'm a life long user of Tide Original, but homemade detergent has always intrigued me. Veryinterestng!

  3. Breakfast anytime fo sho! And when I'm 21 you should totally pass on your sangria ;-)