Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"The Fall"

"We all need a movie that wrecks us emotionally," says my friend via text message yesterday morning. She said this because Sunday night we sat down and watched "The Fall" together.

I cried myself to sleep Sunday night.

Monday, I watched "The Fall" again. Six tissues were sacrificed on Tarsem's alter.

Words are pretty inadequate when it comes to describing this perfect film. I wish I could articulate all the emotions and thoughts that this film evokes, but I am still processing. "The Fall" is both sad and hopeful, painful and beautiful.

The plot is fairly simple; the visuals are simply stunning. Roy {Lee Pace} is an injured stuntman in a hospital who makes friends with Alexandria {Catinca Untaru}, a little girl with a broken arm. They become friends, and he begins telling her an epic; he narrates, and she imagines, and the result is beautiful.

That little outline reveals only a portion of "The Fall"'s depth. It is much more than a story-within-a-story.

There are many amazing details about the making of this film that I could share with you, but that feels like a cheap sell. "The Fall" deserves more than fun facts and trivia; it deserves to be viewed for its own sake.

"The Fall" is breathtakingly perfect. Telling you "just go watch it" is impossible...you can't just watch this movie. Plan for an evening to experience Tarsem's masterpiece with its magnificence and extravagance. You will love every second. 

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  1. Oh Bek. This is by far my favorite film & I'm so glad you loved it!! I cried through the end as well - it's so redeeming & powerful. The story, cinematography, locations, acting, casting - I cannot think of a more perfect movie. I watched it about 4 times in a row one week :)