Saturday, June 28, 2014

On Being An Adult

You guys, life is hard. Being an adult is hard.

Being an adult is hard. I mean, it's fun and awesome and there are definitely perks, but man. It can be rough, too. The month of June {thus far - there are 2 more days left} has been really, really hard. Tough. Difficult. Challenging. Like, pretty sure life used this template:

I'm not skilled sure how to make/edit a meme, but here's what mine would say.


SPEND ALL THE MONEY {on medical bills and procedures and ER bills and haven't I reached my deductible yet?!?!?!!?}



So yeah. Totes supes fun. 

I don't think I can share all the details of this challenging time, a) because it's really personal and b) because it's late and I want to sleep and c) because typing it all out will make it all seem {more} overwhelming. Overwhelming is not what I need, want, or desire. Overwhelming means that I'm not fully trusting God, and that's not where I want to be. I am trying to trust and to listen, and I know that when He answers, I'll obey and it will all work out. But right now I feel bogged down by the logistics of every. single. decision. that must be made, and it's like my spiritual ears are clogged with worry. 

I don't want to not hear God because I'm worrying about what He's saying. I don't want to miss His leading because I'm freaking out over where He's taking me. 

Friends, if you would take a moment and pray for me, I would be most grateful. You can pray for peace, for clarity, for direction, for babysitting jobs to come through, and for God's will to be done. Thank you. 


  1. Bek,you will certainly be in my prayers tonight! I actually received some consolation from your post because I've been feeling slightly stressed about life for various reasons too! Today I had a mini breakthrough in prayer because I actually let myself be honest with God and just told him "God, I am angry," and I felt so much better having had vented to him (like a friend!).

  2. You're in my prayers, love! I can totally relate and want to echo Joan's sentiments...I've found most peace when I'm totally and completely honest with God about how I'm feeling. He knows, sure, because He's God...but I think sometimes He wants to hear it from by us finally admitting where we're falling, He can then step in and help us along. But, like with any friend or family member, it's hard to help someone until they admit that something's wrong. He's a big God! He can take it!! ...I think I wrote about that somewhere....I'll try to find it :)

    Know of our love and prayers!! You are not alone!

  3. ...and here's that post if you're interested :)

  4. If you want to talk, I'm here for you. This season of decisions will pass and you'll be on a new road soon and it will be full of discoveries. Love ya!

  5. Bek, hang in there! I am confident that everything will turn out just fine because you are looking to God for the solution to your questions. Remember you're not alone and you have our community to support you with prayers and encouragement - keep up the good work, chica!!