Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finish This: Week Twenty-seven

Linking up with our fabulous hostesses, Jen at The Arizona Russums, Nicole at Three 31, Lisa at Coastlined, and Becky at The Java Mama. Enjoy!

For July 4th, I celebrated by spending time with friends on the beach! We ate yummy food, applied expired sunscreen, walked on the beach, dug holes, visited my old treehouse, and played cards. Although some of my friends had to catch an early ferry, my family and friend Rebecca and I were able to watch the annual fireworks show, which is always fantastic. Happy 4th!

My go-to cosmetic product is deodorant. Seriously. No matter what the occasion, fancy or casual, heels or swimsuits, I put on deodorant. If I wear no make-up and am only going to loaf around the house, I will put on deodorant. I'm obsessed, and I'm fine with that!

I am inspired by people who faithfully do what God called them to do, day in and day out, even when it means taking a risk and going to grad school like Samara or interning with a pro-life organization like Laura or adjusting work schedules for your yummy baby like Victoria or switching directions like Catherine. People who follow God through the wilderness inspire me!

The best relationship advice I ever received was this:

When no one is around, I tend to clean and then read. Having a clean house is really important to me, and I'm more at peace when my home is tidy. And when everything is neat, I flop onto my bed or couch and read. See, there's the 5% of me that is introverted!

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  1. Excellent dating advice!! Definitely food for thought there :) Your obsession with deodorant cracks me up! That is too funny.. but good that you don't perspire/smell in your own house in your sweatpants when no one else is around :) j/k... Have a great week!!

  2. I completely agree with the deodorant! No matter if it's a day at home or whatever, I do NOT feel complete without it. And I love that dating advice :-)

  3. I love that quote, I have it taped in my Bible. It's soooooo true! When Husband and I first met, and I knew he was The One, I told him, "I want to be the mother of your son." I didn't know if the day would come when we would have a child, or children, but I knew I wanted a son just like him. Well, now we have Kamden and I think he's going to be just like Husband. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. Preach on the deodorant. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO WEAR IT. :)

  4. Thanks for mentioning me! Yes on the deodorant! :-D

  5. Stand firm on the deodorant. It's important. And make sure it works. I'm not always sure the natural stuff works as well as people hope. ����