Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Oils and Anniversaries

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for this week's Takes!

1.  First of all, our hostess Jen has an amazingly crazy schedule, yet she still makes time to host this link-up every week. Thanks, Jen!

In case you didn't know, Jen has written an awesome book {that adjective comes from countless blogging friends who have read it and loved it} and I'm excited to get my hands on it {come on, library!} and share my thoughts on it. Stay tuned!

2. Okey dokey, what's up with the oil? A couple months ago, Samara and I purchased Young Living's Premium Starter Kit {it's the best value, peeps, for realz!}, because we'd been reading about essentials oils from Emily and Jami and Natalie {oh, and Heather just started a series, too!} and we wanted to try it. It's been awesome. So awesome that these oils are the subject of the next few Takes.

3. The premium kit comes with a diffuser and oh. my. gosh. I am in love with this thing! It's so easy to use and it smells wonderful and makes me feel like I'm in a spa and hello, it's also adorable!

People come over to my house and say, "What's that egg thing?" and I usually respond with, "It's my baby stop judging I'm in love here let me show you," and then there's no jumping off this hippie train {right, Natalie? ;) }.

4. Golly, Bek, that sounds cool and all, but what do these oils do?!? Oh, my friend... essential oils are awesome! So I may have mentioned a while ago that I had some health yuckiness {and some super horrid bills to pay}, and on Tuesday, I went to the hospital and had a minor surgery and got everything taken care of. I think the side effect of sedation, though, was a head cold, because a) who gets head colds in July?? and b) I started having symptoms only after the procedure. But I will take a head cold over puking aaannnnyyyy day, so glory be.

I woke up Wednesday feeling super congested, and thought, maybe I should try some oils and stuff. Thieves is the mother of all immune support, and since I didn't have time before work to diffuse it, I just unscrewed the bottle and inhaled a whiff. Just one breath. And then I got dressed. And by the time I was completely dressed, my nose was completely cleared up. It's true. It's magical.

5. Later Wednesday evening, I was showing our oils to some dinner guests, and I read that peppermint can help with sinuses and headaches, so I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it onto my temples and sinuses. Ohhhh my goodness, people. Peppermint is a cool oil, and my face started tingling where I had applied the oil. My headache disappeared. 

And when the directions say to "avoid eye area," I suggest doubling the size of whatever you consider the "eye area" because peppermint is strong and your eyes will sting a bit. But that was a small price to pay for no more headache! I slept like a baby that night. 

6. On a non-oily note, yesterday was my bosom friend's parents' anniversary, and she wrote a beautiful post about them! They are my pastors in Kentucky as well a part of my "Kentucky family" and I think they're super cute!

7. Speaking of anniversaries, today is my parents'! They've been married for 27 years, and aren't they adorable!?
with my sister Jayna

the whole fam!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thank you for the awesome example of a fun and dedicated marriage. You're the best!


  1. Okay, your family is super cute! And I love all this info about oils :-)

  2. Oh gosh, how did we not talk about oils??? I'm so interested but D is skeptical at best.

    And thanks for the link referral. :) love you!!

  3. Essential oils keep coming to my attention lately. I might have to start researching...or at least remember to get out my peppermint oil next time I get a headache!

    1. Essential oils have been on my radar as well. Glad to know they have your endorsement!

  4. Awesome with the oils!!! Uhm good tip with the doubling the eye area because yes I agree I have had many a watering eyes.Glad to hear that the oils are helping you so much and that I could be a little part in helping you find them!

    1. And I can't wait for you to read SOTG!

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