Sunday, September 1, 2013

Travel Journal: Sunday

Ah, Sunday. A day of rest, a day of worship, a day of...not finding one church and ending up at another. Oh well.

Dahlia researched and found this lovely little church. We looked at the website, got directions, and hopped on our bikes. We made it to Charlottetown-check. We got on the right street, going the right direction- check. We...passed it? Missed it? Blinked for a really long time? Whatever the reason, we did not go to the church we had planned on going to. But we went to another little church; the majority of the members were over 75 years old. Oh well. It was a good service.

Remember the leftover pizza that did not get soggy? We had that for lunch in a park. It was really fun- the sun was shining, the pizza was great cold, and we had the day to relax!

We went to a few more bookstores. Dahlia found one store had an entire section devoted to Maud!

How many authors get their own section?! Only on their home island :)

We also went shopping, and omg we did something so cheesy, I can't even believe it. We bought matching sweaters...that have a patch of PEI. Yes, we're nerds. But they were so cute, and on sale, and how do you say no?? I know right- you don't! Don't worry- we'll get a picture together soon as we're together in the fall...

On our ride home, we stopped in the cemetery across from our hotel. Maud and Anne loved cemeteries, so we figured we had to walk through one, at least. {Side note: there are like five hundred cemeteries on this little island!!!} And there, off to one side, was this:

I'm sorry, but is this just a nerd-gathering!??!?! Yes and amen!

Anyway, Sabrina was on tv, so we watched I watched and Dahlia griped about how much she hates Harrison totes jk except not. :D

Sunday was fantastic, and we were well-rested for Monday, our last day on the Island...


  1. Wait wait wait!!

    Dahlia hates Harrison Ford?!? Is this real life? How is that even possible?

    1. Hate is probably a strong word, but yeah, she's definitely not a fan... although she definitely got sucked into the movie and wanted to finish :-p