Monday, September 16, 2013

Grown-Up Weekend

Sometimes being a grown-up is fun, like when you get to move out with your bestie or go to shows that you appreciate more as an adult, or even go to Nicaragua! And then there are the average times of being a grown-up, like grocery shopping.

Granted, half the times I've gone grocery shopping have been with my bestie, so it turns into an adventure {she's afraid that she's going to lose me in the store when I don't bring my cell phone}, but when push comes to shove, we're buying toilet cleaners and ladles and an iron... tad on the boring side.

But it's ok, because after our grocery shopping and writing times {beteedubs, I'm super proud that Samara and I were able to sit side-by-side on the couch and actually get some writing done...we've matured since high school, to say the least}, we decorated the condo!

As in, we put one thing on the wall. *pathetic surrendered defeated sigh inserted riiiiight here*

Oh well. We're getting there, slowly but surely. If you don't get invited over in the next month, it's because so far our track record of decorating has been one item per 7 day period. And it's partially the fault of our schedules {we be grown-ups, yo} and partially the fault of Doctor Who {can anyone resist? didn't think so} and partially the fault of getting the wrong sized curtain rods. But we are overcomers, so watch out, world!

That's not all the excitement we had this weekend.

No, Sunday nights are officially busy with foot....foot...foot game. Last night, our dear friend Cami hosted the watching-of-the-game; it was really fun! How can you go wrong with great people, yummy food, fantastic music, and a lightening storm!? Oh, yeah...the football game had to pause due to lightening. Sad day. But we still won... I heard. I didn't actually stay until the end of the game...and I didn't actually know what was going on during the fact, I was playing pool for the first half. But it was still totes fun!

In case you need a laugh reminder, here's my vast experience with football...

via {thanks for sharing, Ash!}

Anyway, this weekend was totes fun and relaxing and productive... isn't it funny how being productive {up to a point} can be relaxing? The perks of being a grown-up :)


  1. I like this post - it's fun to hear about your life & adventures in moving out & growing up. Love you:)

  2. HAhahaha, I should get that shirt. It is hilarious and sums up my feelings toward the world of sports too. I love hearing about your adventures!