Monday, September 2, 2013

Travel Journal: Monday

Monday started out with a mission. Remember that we rented bikes on Friday? And we also purchased bus tickets, which was silly considering a)  the bus stop was over a mile from our hotel and b) we now had bikes- who needs a bus!? But we bought the tickets and then found out that we could rent bikes, so whatevs. Our mission on Monday, however, was to return the tickets to the bus company {wahoo, refund!}.

Thank goodness for the nice lady at the bus depot! She refunded us both, even though only the Responsible One had her receipt… and I had a lot of other receipts. Yep. Bek fail. But the point is, we got some cash and someone else could ride the bus. Win + win!

Here’s how we planned to spend the day:
  • return the bus tickets
  • laze around Charlottetown
  • maybe go shopping since we had our bus money back
  • wander around Charlottetown
  • maybe just sit and enjoy Charlottetown
  • return our bikes and walk back to Charlottetown
  • is it time for dinner yet? let’s have dinner
  • Show Time! Anne of Green Gables- The Musical!
  • take a taxi back to our hotel
  • go to bed for the last time on PEI
And guess what? That’s pretty much exactly what we did! But of course I’ll give you a few more details {and pictures!}.

We decided to have our last lunch at Cows Creamery {yes, this is our third visit- no shame!}. They have a ton of cute memorabilia, all related to cows, of course. My favorite was the “Doctor Moo” shirt…hello, I’m a nerd. Dahlia found this cute one that summed up our trip:

Can it get better than that?!?! Hello, the cow has braids!

After that fun lunchtime adventure, we wandered around for days a few hours. It was really fun to just wander and people-watch and not have any time constraints. We did go shopping, of course, and got some fun souvenirs. We watched people as they shopped and ate and walked, and it was fun to laugh at observe others’ fashion choices.

For dinner, we went back to our favorite Italian place. This was their appetizer that we split:

Does that not look delectable or what?!?! Oh my goodness, it was SO delicious! We tried to finish it, but there was no way that we could. So so so perfect!

{Throughout this trip, I’d been saying that we need to have a 10-year anniversary trip, either with our whole [future] families or with just us and our hubsters [Dahlia’s Mr. Hunk Of Burning Love, or HOBL, and my Mr. Studmuffin.] In ten years, we will come back and order this appetizer again, because 4 people is the perfect number to share this.}

After dinner, we went to the theater…and so did a whole bus-load of Amish people. Seriously, there were more Amish people than non-Amish in the foyer! Dahlia and I took a picture just to document this fact.

Please note that this is only one side of the foyer and that there were at least double that many people outside of the frame. For realz.

Anyway, the play was lovely and our seats were fabulous! However, we realized that we had chosen our theatrical experiences out of chronological order: “Anne of Green Gables- the Musical” was the beginning of Anne’s story, and “Anne + Gilbert” was the second half, and we watched them in reverse order. Lame. But this one was still fun, and we both cried when {SPOILER ALERT!} Matthew died. Gah.

Here’s one of my favorite songs: I’ll Show Him, when Miss Stacy asks Anne and Gilbert to begin studying for a scholarship.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and a wonderful trip! I’m so glad that Dahlia and I were able to make this happen; we’d literally been planning it for two years!! Dahls, thanks for being a great friend and amazing travel companion. This trip would not have been the same without you!

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