Friday, September 6, 2013

In Response to Complaints That I Haven't Blogged All Week...

You know who you are. ;)

I should tell you upfront that I wrote a post on Tuesday, an appendix to the PEI Travel Journal, but I haven't added the pictures yet, so it's just sitting in the "drafts" bucket. It will get done tonight, if I can find the sticky note...

Literally, this is my desk right now. I have a list of things to do around the house, a list for purchases I need to make, a separate grocery-and-coupon list, a list of errands to run before I die, and a list of people to call. And my home internet is being a poo. And I'm shopping for car insurance. 

My list of lists should qualify for today's Funny Friday. If only I was being funny. 

But it's all good. I like being busy, and I know that this weekend will have a lot accomplished. The antsy side of my brain just wants to cross things off the list, but I can't do that yet. So in the meantime, my brain just keeps coming up with things to add to all my lists, which is kind of maddening, but hey, that means I'm being productive, right? Right????

I have crossed a few things off my list, which is nice. One of the most important things was installing one and replacing the batteries for two additional....smoke detectors!

I feel so grown up with the smoke detectors...until I start cooking. Lame. 

A Funny Friday story is unlikely to happen at this point, I'm sorry to say. But hopefully you'll get a Travel Journal special this weekend, and maybe even a My Productive Weekend post on Monday. Happy Friday!


  1. And I thought I was bad about sticky notes in college (oh, yeah...I have virtual sticky notes...never mind).

  2. I'm returning the commenting favor.

    I wish my life was half as exciting as yours! The curtain rods issue is more like my life than any of the other things I've read on here so far! Also, I wish I was comfortable laying stuff out there every day like you are! Wow!

    Keep contemplating!